Release 7 Version 3.2

Firstly, thanks again to my lovely contributors MG and phaos who are responsible for the broodmother class, the maid's new item and lots of other bits and pieces.

Secondly, there's a new link in the menu - the Restricted Features page so you can keep track of what is not yet in the free version, and a vague indication of how soon it will be.

Thirdly before you ask - this version definitely breaks image sets.

Mega Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version.


  • Alchemy rework:
    • All craftable items now take just 1 ingredient to make. For most, this is randomised.
    • All ingredients will create a craftable item! But if it's not the one mentioned on the recipe, then it'll be cursed and/or have other bad effects. So craft stuff without knowing the recipe for sure at your own risk.
    • Some recipes are the same every game, notably the queen of hearts heels (pack of cards), the condom of kings (sex doll rubber, but remember condom is only enabled if both watersports and diapers are disabled), the spike bra (bra) and the cum dump's undergarment (knickers).
  • New 'favour' mechanic:
    • When you give a friendly intelligent NPC an item they like, they will get increased 'favour'.
    • A small number of minor things check favour, but mostly what this does is affect at what bimbo level an NPC will suddenly flip, and decide they want to fuck you. So essentially it allows you to become more slutty without that specific NPC deciding you are an enemy.
  • Make up change:
    • Make up bimbo influence changed from +0/+1/+2/+3 to +0/+0/+1/+3
    • Make up now has a benefit - when offering an item to an NPC, assuming the item is something they would be interested in at all, the amount they are interested in it increases by +0/+1/+2/+3. What this means is that unfriendly NPCs are more likely to take your item as an alternative to fucking you, and friendly NPCs are going to become even more friendly with you.
  • New item - make up kit - one use item increases make up by 1 point. Dropped by mannequin. Can also be successfully offered to most female NPCs in the game.
  • The skill question can now be asked on every question you ask an NPC until they get annoyed, not just the first.
  • When you fail to learn a skill, it makes it more blindingly obvious exactly why.
  • There is no longer an intelligence requirement for pulling the lever.
  • The magic dust trap, instead of cursing clothing, now tries to increase hair colour.
  • Significantly increased the chances of the final increases in hair colour (i.e. from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3).
  • All vessels can now be decanted into all other vessels, rather than only the squirt dildo having this ability. Use 'fill X with Y'.
  • The royal guard keeps it in his pants for a bit longer.
  • Being able to enable tattoos appearing from the start of the game is no longer restricted to just top level pledgers.
  • There is a new tattoo that prevents the decay of hair colour. It is obtained by having at least 1 tattoo already, and hair colour trying to increase again when it's already at maximum ultra pink.
  • Minibars can be restocked with your spare pieces of jewelery
  • The scrunchie is now two seperate items, the pink scrunchie and the blue scrunchie.
    • The pink scrunchie allows you to get the cheerleader outfit, since the schoolgirl is now owned by the blue scrunchie.
    • The blue scrunchie weakens you when you put it on, but allows you to gain a piece of a schoolgirl outfit whenever you complete a recipe.
      • One of them can be found in the library in the hotel, and another in the library in the dungeon.
      • Having both scrunchies gives you a chance of getting a more modest version of the schoolgirl outfit
  • The schoolgirl now has a higher success rate when performing alchemy, and if she's very lucky, she can sometimes craft a better item from a cursed one.
    • Additionally, the schoolgirl is much more likely to get captured and/or molested by creatures like the tentacle monster and the vine boss.
  • The cheerleader has taken advantage of her gymnastics training to get better at escaping from traps.
  • Having the cheerleader class is essentially the same as wearing a "temptation" piece of clothing. When she says hello to npcs, there's a chance she'll slip up and say something that gets her in a lot of trouble.
    • However, if the cheerleader decides to keep talking, she might find that monsters get so annoyed by her vapid chattering that they lose interest.
  • A new item can be found in the chambermaid's room, the pink spraybottle.
    • The maid can use this item to clean up any messes she might make in the dungeon. All she has to do is get on her knees and "clean with" the handy washcloth that comes with it.
    • Every mess she cleans up will add a bit of cleaning fluid to her bottle, which she can use to clean clothes or "shoot" at enemies to do damage.
    • However, the spraybottle is very fragile, so be careful not let anything or anyone trip you while you have this item in your hand.
    • If you do end up breaking it, the game will punish you until you either find a way to fix it, or find a replacement
    • At the moment, the only way to do this is to find the mechanic in the hotel and have him "review the terms of your employment".
  • Added some flavour to the dominatrix paddling scene when there are patrons involved.
  • Introduced some CGI fanart by DynLynn in the drawn version, replacing some photos of NPCs.
  • Fixed a bug where minibars were adding generic treasure.
  • Fixed a bug where the dominatrix makes you lick the bottom of her shoe several times.
  • Fixed a bug where no patrons were appearing in the dominatrix spank scene.
  • Fixed an issue where the throbbing tentacle could appear in the shop inventory, which was really not good.
  • Fixed a bug where the gladiator could drag you from the milking bench without disconnecting the milkers.
  • Fixed a bug where chastity belts would prevent the wearing of latex plug panties on males.
  • Fixed a bug where displaced bras were still blocking the milking bench.
  • Fixed a bug with "instant skip" setting where you would often lose the initial explanation of changes because of instant skipping.

$5 pledgers:

  • Keriax "fake" boobs from air inflation or silicone implants is no longer restricted to just top level pledgers.
  • Fixed a bug ith the Keriax window where there could be a large belly even with a corset

$20 top pledgers:

Aika uploaded a bugfix for the broodmother and elevator wench epilogue at 2300 BST, if you downloaded 3.2 within the first few hours please download again.

  • The "broken humiliation" automatic beg for sex function used to make NPCs unfriendly. But since friendly sex is now a thing, friendly NPCs are not made unfriendly.
  • The Wasp Broodmother class is now available. Access it by having your eggs fertilized by a Giant Wasp. The class is based around laying and then hanging around your eggs for them to hatch, and can be friendly-fucked by Giant Wasps to get more eggs.
  • Wenches that have had consensual sex with the player will fill open-topped vessels upon request
  • The royal guard will now fight harder for a princess that puts out.
  • New "elevator wench" nintendolls job epilogue. Requires max semen addiction and under 14 sex addiction.
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