New BlorbSmacker Version

There's a new version of BlorbSmacker! For those that missed its earlier mention, this lets you modify the images in the game, and share your image sets with others. Now, this version should also allow you to use the same image set over multiple versions. It still needs extensive testing but seems to be working well.

Massive thanks to savituro for his hard work.

Here's the full changelist:

Blorbsmacker v.06

  • You can right click a single image to save it now.
  • Added scroll via mousewheel to all panels.
  • On the alignment tab, you can select layer 1, layer 2, or both.
  • Fixed some memory leaks and few other small tweaks.
  • Oh, and imagesets should now work across versions. Forever. There are probably some bugs here... feel free to report them. v.06 uses a new imageset format. It will not read imagesets from v.05 and earlier.

And here's the link:!GoRmjQxA!iyqso0pol0ebNvoS7eEOVyaa8x1g6w2-o0xfwD9LGJs

It's a bank holiday weekend in the UK so I'm spending it with family, but there'll be a new version within a few days. Patreon debuggers don't worry it will count as a May release in terms of which unlock file you'll need.

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