Release 7 Version 3.4

Here's to May being a lot more a productive month than April! Woo!

And yes, before you ask, this version may break some image sets.

Also for diaper fans there are some new TQ releated art images, go to the normal fan art page then click the link to the segragated diaper art section.

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version


  • Valuable necklaces (i.e. the ones with rarity types and monetary value) now occupy a different slot than all other neck covering items. So you can wear both 1 necklace and 1 stethoscope/amulet/collar. This means that it'll be slightly easier to end up with that pullstring choker :-)
  • Notable nerf to the slutty sisters - damaing the futanari sister reduces the amount of time it'll take her to cum rather than increases it.
    • Optimal strategy is currently to knee the bulging sister three times then go nuts with whatever your highest damage is on the futanari. Then of course you have to submit once they get you down and hope you don't faint.
  • The mechanic is no longer friendly whilst keeping you collared, he'll keep using you when he sees you until you bring his amulet.
  • Orgasming now raises fatigue to 50% if it's below this number. If there's a worn plug, it raises it to 75% instead as the plug increases the intensity of your orgasm.
  • There's a new prostate massager plug which prevents arousal decay in addition to a plug's usual effects.
    • With diapers enabled, it also makes the player permanently feel like they need to pee. Whenever the player tries to voluntarily urinate but doesn't actually need to go, they lose a turn. It can also be put on the player by the demoness if the player is wearing a used diaper.
  • A princess, sissy or adult baby in a diaper will transform the throne into a potty which if sat on with a diaper will clean it, and without a diaper can reverse incontinence.
  • Max belly size is ignored by belly fat (weight gain fetish), air (inflation fetish) and pregnancy. I'm assuming that the vast majority of people selecting these fetishes will want these to be able to affect the player's belly. Essentially what this means is that the max belly size stat only prevents eggs and bodily fluids from increasing belly size beyond the chosen limit.
  • Belly fat has a more significant influence on belly size than it used to.
  • Fixed a bug when you masturbate standing in front of the matron.
  • Fixed a crafting bug where the game would throw an error if all relevant items were already onstage.
  • Fixed a bug where magic concealers of orifices caused problems with the plugging verb.
  • Fixed a bug where the pussy deluxe tattoo wasn't earning the player extra jewellery as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where some tattoos were able to be inspired when they were already inked on the player!
  • Fixed a bug where wasp wings could be an alchemy ingredient even when egg laying fetish was disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the cat tail plug did not have its own description.
  • Fixed a bug where if the player fainted whilst stuck on a dildo or hook, the player was unable to choose to end the game and not enter infinite mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the map wasn't updating properly when Barbara dragged the player.
  • Fixed a bug where with the hotel chairs scene with Barbara, she was placed in a random room in the hotel rather than with the player in the room with the chairs.
  • Fixed a bug where the player, when desperate to drink, was demanding a drink from any NPC, even ones that weren't intelligent, and always getting a reply!

All Pledgers:

  • Friendly sex has now moved from alpha to beta and is open to anyone who has ever donated towards development.

$20 Pledgers:

  • Whilst in debug mode, you can always steel your mind through soreness and not faint without any intelligence penalty.
  • Some more nintendolls job epilogues based on some of the original epilogues that the game had a long time ago:
    • "Break room girl". Intelligence must be super low and bimbo must be quite high. Players can't have permanent pregnancy or ankles weakened. Minor variations and different images exist depending on end-game body shape (breasts and hips) and whether weight gain fetish is enabled.
    • "Hotel hooker". Same requirements as break room girl.
    • "Human toilet". Watersports must be enabled and diapers disabled.
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