Appearance, clothing and favour

Hi all! Sorry this post is a bit "stream of consciousness" style but hopefully what you're about to read makes sense.

So I want to have a discussion about appearance. It's something that will shortly (read: next version) be becoming a significant stat. It is calculated by looking at your most outrageous item of clothing, what naughty bits are visible, if you have cum on various body parts, what artificial enhancements you have, and your hair and make up. Hair and make up will no longer affect your main bimbo state, which reflects how girly, sexy and ditzy you feel.

Until now, most NPCs have looked at your main bimbo stat in order to decide if you are too slutty to resist, but now this will instead be your appearance that they use, which makes more sense. It does mean that NPCs could be automatically aggressive very early on if you look like a whore.

So, obviously, the main thing the player can control with regards to their appearance is their clothing. This is one domain in the game I have a lot of difficulty balancing because it's one of the things you players like to be able to control. What I really want to do is give the player a constant risk of having their clothing destroyed, especially items that are currently very rarely destroyed such as skirts and stockings. If I could do this, then there would be more scope for me to add some more "normal" items of clothing into the game, especially early on. But currently, it would be quite possible to go through the game without ever losing these super modest items.

So, the plan is to gradually try and implement some more mechanics that destroy clothing. I'm going to do this with a few goals in mind:

  • Clothing destruction should usually be avoidable through making certain choices. E.g. Only NPCs who are upset with you should destroy clothing.
  • Items within class outfits should be considered slightly more sacred - perhaps only destroyed by bosses.
  • Jewellery should be left alone.
  • The more slutty the clothing, the less reason the game has to want it destroyed.

If you have any strong opinions on this please discuss below. My longer term plan is to tie this all in with the "favour" state that NPCs have, to have this overall system where you can gift NPCs (with items or sexual favours) to make them more friendly, and so we can have lots of levels of friendship, from guardian (fights with you always) to ally (fights with you usually) to friend (answers questions, shares drinks) to acquaintance (answers fewer questions, May not share drink) to annoyance (won't answer questions or share drinks) to enemy / fucktoy (attacks on sight). Imagine for example if the demoness, instead of becoming violently unfriendly the first time she sees you in low heels, judges you slowly over time depending on how you look every time she sees you.

Whenever an NPCs spots you, they will be able to consider how you look and also their favour level. If you are too slutty for their standards, their favour would decrease. Next time, they might just decide you're clearly begging to be attacked and used.

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