Trap Quest Release 9 Version 2.0

Apologies but the new Wonderfuller stuff didn't get into the new version because it turned out it wasn't quite complete. It will be here very soon.


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Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still (yes, still >_<) some layering bugs that seem most commonly triggered through transformation lasers. This causes issues with removing clothing and displacing clothing. I'm still looking into it.
  • There are still some hyperlink issues in the bottom left window after saving and restoring.


  • A new beast fetish walls off the giant wasp and changes the minotaur to just a humanoid 'hulk'.
  • A new NPC, a demon dog, awaits you in the mansion if you have the beast fetish enabled.
  • Added some 'cutscene images', images that accompany certain events. Lots are restricted to only female players because they include vaginas. Lots are 3D renders made my 'Icarus'. Since for some people it could be jarring since breast size, hair and stuff will likely not be correct, you can disable them in the image settings menu. Current cutscenes include:
    • When the dominatrix demands you lick the bottom of her heel
    • When the wrestler penetrates an orifice with either minimum or maximum gape
    • When you first meet the slutty sisters in the boss room.
    • When the minotaur OHKOs a wench
    • When a vine is about to penetrate a female player
    • When a dildo pole penetrates the player
    • When the gladiator grows a penis
    • When the gladiator gives a titfuck to a player with 10 or 12 inch penis
    • When you give birth to a fairy - two different versions depending on whether you're getting the stat bonus for finding the fairy before the birth starts
    • When a fairy tries to impregnate you by brushing past your belly
  • Princesses are humiliated far less by sex with their consorts. Very slutty princesses may end up feeling more confident afterward!
  • Crawling whilst wearing trousers or stockings may cause them to become dirty depending on the fetishes you have turned on.
    • Consequently, the same thing will happen if the player has breasts big enough to rub along the ground
  • Books are now equippable equippable items with passive effects!
  • The book of anal will now increase anal sex addiction rather than sex addiction
  • Futanari content can now be disabled regardless of fetish/sex choice
  • Cum covered players with watersports fetish enabled will sometimes refuse to wash themselves unless they get help from someone else.
  • Ghosts now have a chance of dropping ectoplasm when they die, which is usable for crafting. Alternatively, you could try giving it to NPCs who know about alchemy.
  • Polluting the sacred pool will now speed up the doom timer by a lot. Conversely, making an effort to keep it clean can slow it down.
  • The mindflayer can now spawn in the public version.
    • It can randomly happen when intelligence is at least 4 points higher than its starting value.
  • You can now get the human toilet class in the public version.
    • Just voluntarily drink urine when urinated one, while not wearing any headgear.
  • Fixed some problems with the sexdoll-shopkeeper sex scenes.
  • Fixed a bug where the slimegirl would be disintegrated by the elder altar
  • Fixed a bug where priestesses and cultists were not actually having their clothes soaked after using the wishing well
  • Fixed a bug where the minimalist schoolgirl outfit could not be displaced
  • Fixed a runtime error that sometimes occurred when a player triggered a mimic when wearing non-upgradeable clothing
  • Fixed an issue where clothes could not become soaked unless they were covered by something else
  • Fixed a bug where male players would sometimes have a vagina when displacing ass-exposing underwear.
  • Fixed a bug where the bukkake show trap would douse you with WAY too much semen
  • Fixed a bug where the sword in the stone would appear as a dildo for players with TG fetish enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the demoness would sometimes act like you had futa content enabled when you actually didn't
  • Fixed a bug where the gladiator's curse would sometimes not activate if male players had their maximum breast size locked at a flat chest.
  • Fixed a bug where gladiators would sometimes lose extra health if their curse activated with futa content turned off.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would not hear the cage opening when Barbara pulled the lever in the prison guard's bedroom
  • Fixed a runtime error that occurred whenever something was offered to a monster.
  • Fixed a bug where high semen addiction could prevent the player from using the cross trainer.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not voluntarily eat from the hotel feeding bowls.
  • Fixed a bug where wrist bondage prevent clothing such as dresses materializing rather than only preventing the player from wearing them manually.
  • Diaper stuff detailed here.

Patreon beta testers:

  • A puppygirl/boy class can now be obtained. Currently only from the new demon dog after sex.
    • Much like the catgirl, it contains a pair of gloves and a butt plug tail as additional items to the pair of ears.
    • Similar to the kitty claws, the gloves weaken your slaps and prevent the use of your fingers. However, the kitty claws get very powerful once blessed whereas the paws do not. They will always come with the 'endurance' enhancement, which reduces fatigue loss.
    • The butt plug tail does not prevent tripping like the cat plug tail. Instead, it drastically increases intelligence but prevents proper speech. Just like the kitty class, you must be wearing the paws in order for the tail plug to be able to spawn.
    • The class as a whole improves your ability to run away from aggressive NPCs whilst on your knees as long as you're mostly naked.
  • Beta testers can now fully disable fainting during sex.

Patreon alpha testers:

  • Replaced the study guide with the notebook. Use crafting to power up your book over time, or choose one enemy to research (i.e. have sex with) to really ramp up your damage against them. Be careful, because doing too much damage at once may damage your book, and you don't want to risk having your attack blow up in your face.
  • Mansion-based variants of monsters from other areas, like the abyssal demoness or the goth mannequin, can sometimes be found in their "original" regions if the player cannot prevent the herald from arriving.
  • Several variants of existing NPCs have been added to the game
    • A dainty RoboMaid can now appear in the hotel. Don't worry if you're nude and you can't find a bellboy to get you some clothes, the RoboMaid will bring you straight to one! Remember to keep your new clothes clean or you might earn yourself a trip to the nearest laundry room.
    • Sometimes you can meet a wild gladiator in the woods. Unlike her dungeon sisters, she has no problems with her curse, and she's eager to use it to protect her position as queen of the jungle. Keep your chest covered unless you want her to think you're a warrior looking for a fight.
    • Some gladiators have traveled even further than the woods, and discovered the mansion. Those cultists may not be strong on their own, but in their numbers they can easily take down a gladiator and force her to have a turn on the altar.
  • The demon dog can put a collar and leash on you, which (hopefully) works much like the clit lead - intelligent NPCs can grab hold of it when you are on your knees, forcing you into 100% submission.
  • Added a "doom time" debug command to progress the doom timer.
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