Trap Quest Release 9 Version 5.2

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! I know I'm reusing the art I commissioned from DontFapGirl last year but I love it so much! The full image can be seen here.

Sorry that there's no new experimental hypno stuff for alpha testers but I've been working hard to try and get the school to a place where it's worth checking out.

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Go here and download the hotfix instead.


  • MG: Senior robobellboys have been upgraded. They now properly treat maids as employee's in need of training, and periodically take fully trained "employees" to the mechanic for performance reviews.
  • MG: Complaints from patrons (in the game, not Aika's supporters!) will build up over time when the player performs badly, and eventually normal robobellboys decide they need to help the player improve their work performance, just like the senior robobellboy.(i.e. they make you wear "trainee" items).
  • MG: Finishing at least three "hotel training" regimens and returning to the senior robobellboy will now give the player some permanent perks.
  • MG: The demoness will now pull out rather than end a pregnancy that belongs to the demon lord.
  • PicoByte (guest contributor using the public repository): Ben Wa Balls now exist. It is a plug that arouses you over time.
  • PicoByte: New chest tattoo "topless tattoo" gives you stat penalties unless your breasts are exposed.
  • Aika: Christmas mode enabled! The santa hat can be found in the starting room. It changes a few words to different things, makes gifts spawn from NPCs (they have rare clothing and craftables inside) and also once transformed allow other Christmas clothing to spawn...
  • Aika: Added a few new Christmas themed items.
    • The santa hat can transform into a gold star hat that can summon a slutty Christmas tree dress.
    • Socks are like stockings but don't affect your knee strength (so the only noticeable thing they do is affect heel steadiness).
    • There's a Christmas themed T-shirt because why not. It decreases delicateness.
  • Aika and Danaume: new map tiles for lots of important rooms
  • Aika: Added a 'starting body shape' option in the handicaps menu that makes you start with larger hair and hips (and breasts if female).
  • Aika: Changed how the questioning NPC's code works - you now ask all the different questions to each NPC in a set order, with the 'skill' question at the end. The higher your intelligence the more likely you are to start higher up the sequence and therefore have more chance of asking the skill question the first time you talk to them before they get annoyed. This was done because beforehand the player sometimes asked the same question over and over which was stupid.
  • Aika: Tentacle monsters no longer have a little bit of incorrect flavour meant only for those that the player gave birth to.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the Wonderfuller Character window had pigtailed hair instead of ponytailed hair for black hair.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where Xavier bugged out if interrupting a dominatrix scene which involved patrons.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the demoness could take your virginity by sticking her heel up your butt.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the vampiress would only pull out if you WEREN'T submitting during sex
  • MG: Fixed a run-time error that was occuring whenever the player tried to examine their vagina while wearing a chastity belt
  • Phaos: Fixed a hypnosis related bug.
  • Phaos: The abyssal tattoo now has new perks for the silicone queen, faerie, and virgin warrior. Specifically, the silicone queen's breasts are even lighter, the faerie gets some bonus stats, and the virgin warrior can place herself on the elder altar and receive a super baller sword that is very powerful and also very safe to use, place your trust in the great ones.

Alpha Tester Patrons:

  • Aika: A new fixed subregion, the slut school, is accessible via the hotel. It is in pre-alpha, which means that it is very incomplete - I'd say it's only about 20% implemented so far!
    • This region will be notably different from others by having very few randomised traps and loot crates. Instead it will contain a clear subquest with lots of random elements as you try to complete it.
    • You'll be able to climb the ranks by participating in lessons. Going up ranks allows you to access more of the school which will have more interesting and beneficial rooms.
    • Each teacher will have a set of lessons they can draw from, at the moment there are only two rank 1 teachers with one lesson each. There are no rank 2 teachers yet. This means you can currently only get to rank 2.
    • The heel lesson is succeeded by first volunteering for the challenge and then succeeding at a heel skill and dexterity roll against the randomly chosen student.
    • The make up lesson is succeeded by simply entering the lesson with make up at 2 (out of 3).
    • Your student armband will let you know when the next lesson is ready to begin. If however you wait a significant amount of time before arriving at the lesson, you will instead get detention. Currently there's only one detention scene but lots more are planned.
    • There's several not-yet-implemented things, but what we do have is hopefully pretty cool.
    • Lots of low rank students, each of whom change in name and title and often in other small ways when they are promoted or demoted (at the moment it's only possible for rank 1 students to get promoted to rank 2 since there are no rank 2 lessons).
    • Most rooms are already in place even if functionality is not yet there.
    • A school nurse will allow you to use the med bay bed if injured or tired, but might decide to use you for her own pleasures while you're there.
      • Once in a while you can get a temporary strength and dexterity boost from her but it usually comes with a (also temporary) downside.
    • The sewing bench allows you to repair ripped clothing with other clothing of the same material.
    • Pretty much everything else isn't implemented yet, but by wandering around you'll get a good idea of what you can look forward to!
    • Most notably, staff members that defeat you in combat don't have anything to do to you yet. This is because what I have planned that they will actually do to you is rather unique.
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