Trap Quest Release 9 Version 6.1 Hotfix

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Main Changelist:

Hotfix Changelist:

  • ~~Aika: Want to get access to condoms early on in the game? A condom pack can be crafted by using the piece of rubber you sometimes get from defeating a sex doll.
    • It can also be crafted randomly from ingredients with no true crafting product, but instead of being able to request that NPCs wear condoms instead you'll find that a few turns later the condom pack falls out of your hands to the ground, but not before covering all your clothing that it can with used condoms.~~
    • Sorry this is bugged and will be fixed in the next version
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the player couldn't automatically eat while in combat, e.g. when forced by the robobutler.
  • Aika: The virgin magical girl outfit will now always summon the heart wand.
  • Aika: Rebalanced secrets and clarified their effects
  • Aika: As I believe that the issue some people were having with the minimum tank liquid option is to do with small screen size, I've reduced the size of the core benefits menu by putting the body shape stuff into its own subtable. Let me know if this fixes it for you or not.
    • I also took the time to split up flatchested until sex change and the disabling of futanari content. You're welcome.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where if you lie on the elder altar while wearing a laurel wreath it destroys all your clothing items including jewellery and bag of holding.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the kitsune's image always appeared in her description even when she was disguised.
  • Aika: Fixed some bugs with Barbara where she could turn up asleep and turn up in dumb places like the hole in the wall and the iron maiden.
  • Aika: Fixed an issue where the gargoyle in the mansion was still beta testers only.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where clothing that was ripped, destroyed and then spawned again later could still be ripped.
  • Aika: [mythical creatures] the hellhound can now collar you in the public version of the game.
  • Aika: the demon codpiece is now obtainable in the public version of the game - a craftable item that helps with and rewards dominating NPCs and punishes loitering and submissive acts.
  • Aika: non-patrons can now get the faerie class
  • Aika: non-patrons can now encounter the robomaid (robobulter variant)
    • Please note there's some problems with some robomaids' names, this will be fixed for the next version.
  • Aika: Changed a rule where if weight gain and extreme proportions fetishes were enabled, certain hip size increasing effects and debug commands would not increase ass size beyond 10.
    • CLARIFICATION: Hip size doesn't go beyond 10 even with extreme proportions fetish. It used to but that was changed as nothing mentioned it or represented it, except for a couple of the largest sizes in the Keriax window. There has never been any different flavour in the game for someone with size 10 or 20 hips. Ass size (flesh volume) still goes up to 20 with extreme proportions enabled, as it always has. When weight gain fetish is disabled, this stat is always automatically set to whatever hip size is (x2 if extreme proportions fetish is enabled).

Alpha testers:

  • Clarification: The following people sometimes say the new trigger words in the following situations:
    • Aeromancer when she sees you're inappropriately dressed (this will rarely have an impact since you've probably got it on display already)
    • The fairy when you ask her for advice
    • A patron if he's impressed by your 'pussy deluxe' tattoo after sex (again will rarely have an impact)
    • The wench in various circumstances - when you voluntarily kneel in front of her when she's unfriendly, when you greet her and you've had sex before, and when she's riding your face
    • The mechanic in his new scene with Barbara if you don't help her
    • It's something a stranger can say during the hotel urinals scene
    • Barbara when she sits on your face because she can't find anything better to do
    • Student Katya in a large number of her replies
    • The dickhead patron when he says he's going anal or vaginal.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the occasional time an NPC calls you a cunt rather than a bitch (this happens randomly) wasn't activating the hypno trigger. That can happen in the following circumstances:
    • When you resist sucking a cock at the gloryhole
    • The wrestler when she sees you landing from being inflated with air
    • The wench when she runs away after the guard has told you both to get on your knees and has finished with you.
    • Some nasty students when you ask certain questions.
    • When the shopkeeper takes jewellery from you after defeating you, and when you return stolen items to him.
    • When the mechanic spots a princess
    • When you ask an unfriendly dominatrix for a drink
    • Something an NPC can sometimes say when they were barely friendly with you and you give them an item they like.
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