Trap Quest Release 11 Version 7.0 Hotfix

This post's banner image is a revealing X-ray view of the outfit you'll be wearing in the new predicament in the Extra Credit zone (currently Alpha Testers only).

How to Download:

On Windows?  There's now an executable launcher, made by area57. It'll download the latest version of the game for you and lets you start a game with a single click of a button. Oh, and every time you open it, it'll check if there's a new version, and you'll be able to update to the new version from within the launcher! Just download the executable from here, and then run it:
It should install locally to your user, and therefore not need any admin permissions. You'll need around 500MB of free space for when it downloads the game file.

This launcher is in alpha - we're still ironing out the kinks so there's still a decent chance it won't work for you. Also some people using Windows Defender will find that its overzealous attitude to protection incorrectly flags the executable as malware.

There's a known bug that some people get where you get some error about a "path2" parameter. Until this is properly fixed, just go inside the installation folder and delete the config global.ini and user_config.ini files, because one of them is malformed.

If you're not on Windows, can't get the launcher working, or are paranoid about running an executable from some random lewd internet game website, then read on.

There are 4 different versions because there are 4 different publicly available character windows you can use. Previews of the different versions' Character Windows can be seen here
The versions with the 5th window, the Strateg window, are available from my Patreon posts.

MEGA Direct Download Links: Danaume Version, Keriax Version,  Wonderfuller Version,  Porn Version

Trap Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it, this includes Macs - you should use WINE. If you're having trouble consult this page.

Known Issues

  • Opening Git.exe and then selecting the file seems to cause a 'Can't open gamefile' error for some users. However, double-clicking on the Gblorb file itself in Windows Explorer and then opening it with Git.exe that way seems to work fine. I believe this weird issue is just due to the huge filesize of the game file.
  • I'm getting reports that updating to the latest version of the MacBook operating system loses support for WINE. If this is the case for you, I'm afraid you'll need to run Windows in a Virtual Machine or otherwise fully emulate Windows to play Trap Quest on your computer.
  • I'm getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it's strongly recommended to use roguelike saving.
  • There's a known uncommon issue where an icon that is supposed to be rendered in the corner of an item is instead repeatedly rendered in the main narration window, about twice per second. Investigations are still ongoing but we believe this is the work of magic gremlins.
  • Once you are promoted to the final rank in the Slut School (gold) you can't return. Please read the changelist below for details on how to bypass this for now.

Main Changelist:

Hotfix Changelist:

  • Aika: There's now a benefit option "no gag reflex" which costs 3 points and prevents you from ever gagging, and so prevents 95% of puking. There's still a few rare moments in the game that the liquid-out-mouth code will occur:
    • When you have such a huge amount of liquid inserted anally that it goes all the way through your body and your stomach is also completely full to bursting.
    • When a facehugger forces several eggs into your stomach.
    • In the Extra Credit Zone (alpha testers only) triple-dildo-machine predicament, if you ingest crazy amounts of semen, some of it can't stay down. Otherwise it'd be too easy.
    • BUT you can press the button again and spend 1 more point to disable those moments from being able to happen (the extra credit zone predicament will just be unavailable in your game).
  • Aika: While I'm adding options, I added a fetish option I meant to add a long time ago, ass-to-mouth fetish.
    • There are three levels:
      • Minimal, where except for if the player purposefully licks a puddle or facesits on an NPC or something, it should never happen.
      • Normal, where you can be made to perform anilingus or suck a cock that's been up a but, but nothing else.
      • Extra, which has all the good stuff like drinking anal creampies.
    • For now, until one of us goes through all of the Wench's code and walls off mentions of anal creampies and works out how to deal with male wenches, she's restricted to people who have selected the Extra option.
    • The bloated slutty sister is described as having the cum come out her vagina if extra a2m is not enabled, and if you've also set it to male NPCs only just to be super annoying, she has massive bloated balls instead of a massive bloated belly.
    • I bet there's some content I've missed, so when you find it, just tell me.
    • Formatting is a little janky, I'll fix that for next time.
  • Aika: Rewrote the core masturbation function to make it more stable across multiple turns and to try and avoid any weird infinite loops caused by permanent extreme horniness. Also...
    • The number of turns it takes you to cum is no longer decided when the function is first called but instead each turn it checks your arousal and any bonus stimulation from whatever object you're using against a random number.
  • Aika: A new item, pocketwipes, found in containers, can be used to wipe up make up or fully clean a single body part, including that annoying last bit of cum in your hair.
  • Aika: Slowed down digestion, i.e. how quickly you get hungry and thirsty.
  • Aika: [Newest Nympho GUI] Removed the button prompting you to pull a lever next to a warp portal.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where prison guards (and normal guards when you were being chased by the shopkeeper) would just freeze up after getting you on your knees.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where some portals in certain states could refuse to let you travel through them to anywhere when it wasn't time for your next class yet.
    • KNOWN BUG - you still can't get back to the school after achieving gold rank. For now the fix is to type "gonear rcp" and then "x self" in that order. It is important to do the x self command to trigger the game to check which region the player is in.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where Icarus (the NPC) couldn't appear in the Dungeon.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where it was impossible to complete the curse quest to increase your make up level.

Alpha Testers:

  • Aika: Fixed a bug with the nun outfit predicament where if you removed the vibrator it got added to your inventory instead of dropping to the ground.
  • Aika: In the nun walk predicament, if you go down into the gloryhole toilets, when you return to the park all NPCs will be reset and there will be even more of them!
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