Trap Quest Release 12 Version 2.0

This post's banner image is from the new art by Kinkamashe when the Virgin Warrior pulls the Sword of Purity from the stone.


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  • Aika: A new patron-created NPC called Serena awaits RNG's permission to appear in your run. She has a penis.
  • Aika: Game difficulty, instead of deciding how high level NPCs are in general, instead decides how many there tend to be per region and even more importantly how friendly they are when you first meet them - i.e. how long on average until they get turned on / pissed off by your lewd antics. This should help me be able to balance NPC levels and combat difficulty better in the future.
  • Aika: NPCs travel at the same time as you, so it makes sense that they might walk out of the room as you enter it. However it doesn't make sense that if you're moving north, they could move south at the same time and you just pass like ships in the night. So instead, if you enter a room with an NPC and the NPC simultaneously decides to walk in the opposite direction, they will instead stand still.
  • Aika: Summoning portals improvements:
    • Significantly reduced the chances of summoning portals spawning a copy of an NPC that is already live and kicking in that region.
    • Beforehand, after you entered a region, the summoning portal would then start spitting out NPCs until it reached the number it was happy with, regardless of which region you were in. Now, instead, when you enter a region, the summoning portal will become active until it spits out an NPC, then it'll go inactive again if you're no longer in the region, only becoming active again once you re-enter the region.
      • So in simpler terms, each region should only have a maximum of one new NPC appear between visits.
      • If the doom ritual is successfully completed by the cultists, this limit is removed.
  • Aika: Reworked the framework for NPCs handling items. There's now more powerful and robust internal systems for us flagging which items an NPC might be able to drop, trade, and what they've taken from you (or from the ground). This should help avoid items getting lost or getting in weird states where they're both in an NPC's inventory and elsewhere in the game universe at the same time.
  • Aika: You can now use the seduce / appease verb with the more animalistic NPCs with penises (or tentacles) but you can't try to get them excited this way - all you can do is kneel, displace clothing, apply condoms, and suggest which body part they use.
  • Aika: Some non-clothing items can be found in the shop.
  • Aika: Some items have been reduced to only one existing in the game universe rather than several, mostly monster drops. But this is actually probably good for you; if there's no copy of an item available to spawn for you, the game should be giving you an item of jewellery instead.
  • Aika: Now that bags of holding have images that are compatible with the clothing window, the ones that clash with hand-held weapons will do so in-game too. You won't be able to wield a weapon whilst you have a clutch of holding.
  • Aika: The doom quest has been made slightly less easy:
    • To get a bell you'll need to destroy a robobellboy or obtain the catbell from the dungeon shop (or catgirl class).
    • To get a candle you'll need to defeat or trade with a dungeon gladiator or the dominatrix.
  • Aika: Worked on the stealth mechanic.
    • As long as you have one item that would at to your 'stealthiness', there is a chance that NPCs will fail to notice you.
    • HOWEVER, all worn visible clothing counts towards your stealthiness rating and if it's not sheer and not trivial (e.g. piercings & jewellery count as trival) then normal clothing items subtract 1 from your stealthiness. So that means that you need to have nearly all your non-stealthy-rated non-sheer clothing concealed by your stealthy clothing, otherwise your stealthiness rating will drop below 1 and you'll actually still have a 100% chance of being spotted.
  • Aika: A few new clothing items:
    • Queen of hearts swimsuit - nice and modest, influences luck.
    • Reverse bunny outfit - transforms from latex bunny waitress outfit.
    • Burgundy tube top - another very skimpy tube top; this one is unique in that it has sleeves.
    • Floral negligee - a one-piece item of underwear that's not too slutty.
    • Wing leotard - increases dexterity. Can be gifted by Icarus if you give him enough items he likes.
    • [Artificial enhancements] Daddy issues dress - a schoolgirl-compatible variant of the "plastic is fantastic" dress. This completes the four-way relationship between schoolgirl, cheerleader, silicone queen and cumdumpster - there should now be a variant and possible way to get any combination of these four classes at any time:
      • NB: to get a 'special' pigtail scrunchie either get your scrunchies hit by a transformation effect with inflation fetish enabled (balloons) or get a condom pinned to your dress while wearing a scrunchie (condoms).
      • Schoolgirl and cheerleader ("class bully"): wear a cheerleader outfit or pom-poms with a blue scrunchie or wear a schoolgirl outfit with a pink scrunchie
      • Schoolgirl and cumdumpster ("classroom fucktoy"): just be a normal schoolgirl with condoms pinned to your clothes
      • Schoolgirl and silicone queen ("plastic schoolgirl"): if your breast implants get to a decent size while you're a schoolgirl, your outfit will transform into the new daddy issues dress
      • Cheerleader and cumdumpster ("locker room fucktoy"): have any pair of 'special' pigtail scrunchies (made from used condoms or helium balloons).
      • Cheerleader and silicone queen ("plastic cheerleader"): if your breast implants grow while you're a cheerleader, your outfit will transform into a latex cheerleader outfit
      • Cumdumpster and silicone queen ("walking condom"): have used condoms pinned to the "plastic is fantastic" dress
      • Schoolgirl and cheerleader and cumdumpster ("fraternity's bicycle"): have a 'special' pigtail scrunchie that was originally blue scrunchies so has the crafting quest, OR fulfill the conditions of "class bully" but also have used condoms pinned to any piece of clothing
      • Schoolgirl and cheerleader and silicone queen ("plastic bully"): pink scrunchie or pom-poms with daddy issues dress
      • Schoolgirl and cumdumpster and silicone queen ("walking talking condom"): daddy issues dress with pinned used condoms
      • Cheerleader and cumdumpster and silicone queen ("football team's plastic cumdump"): have a 'special' pigtail scrunchie and fulfill conditions of "plastic cheerleader"
      • Schoolgirl, cheerleader, cumdumpster and silicone queen ("mathlete team's plastic cumdump"): fulfill the conditions of "football team's plastic cumdump" from originally having blue scrunchies (so the special pigtail scrunchies have the crafting quest) OR somehow end up with pink scrunchie, daddy issues dress and condoms pinned to any item of clothing.
  • Aika: When you pull the sword of purity (i.e. virgin warrior sword) out of the ground, if you are a virgin warrior then you lose whatever underwear you're wearing and it's replaced by a sheer white g-string which you'll need to get uncursed or destroyed to remove. Its quest isn't particularly useful - it wants you to lose your vaginal virginity.
    • As a consolation prize, the moment is accompanied by a new piece of art drawn by Kinkamashe.
    • The sword of purity now gains power literally from how many different body parts are at least partially exposed, minus 5.
      • There are 9 different body parts tracked by the game so you can get a +4 sword if everything is at least partially visible.
      • Make that +5 if you're a futa with both a penis and vagina.
  • Aika: The normal purple pom-poms can transform into the used condom pom-poms when you are the cheerleader + cumdumpster cross-class.
  • Aika: Some changes and additions to the rescued princess:
    • The boss fight is now a bit more nuanced.
      • If you get her a normal magic wand but not her scepter, she won't defeat the headmistress for you.
      • Each time you would be defeated, the princess has a chance to use a spell to heal you, if she doesn't have the cursed glittering wand. This chance goes down each time and the better the heal, the harsher the negative effect that comes with it. She has 4 possible spells and cycles through them in a random order.
      • If she has the royal scepter, if you're defeated in a turn when there's 2 enemies in the room, the princess will take care of one of them for you after casting her heal spell.
    • Once you rescue the princess and the headmistress's rule of the school comes to an end, you can take the rest of the items from the junk room without needing to deposit 5 other items.
    • The rescued princess will one-shot any facehuggers that you come across together.
    • If you escort her to a tentacle spawner / breeder, she'll purify it (and this counts as you completing the magical girl quest if you're a magical girl).
  • Aika: Ruby ranked players can now access the hot tub in the school.
  • Aika: There's a third way to get promoted during the "practical" (sex) lesson. If you are the student who used the most different body parts (excluding handjobs) you get promoted.
  • Icarus: Art for when there's pink smoke around.
  • Aika: When you become and stop being (most) classes, some text appears to give you an idea of what passive effects that class is providing.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the status bar would always call males virgins, even after they lost their virginity.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the mannequin couldn't exchange the silicone queen's headgear for the condom pigtails as intended.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper's discount question wasn't working properly.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug with the final (diamond) lesson in the Slut School where once a man started fucking your face, he would never pull out, instead just ejaculating once every turn when he reached his climax.
  • MG: Embarassing yourself during the shopkeeper riding scene is now dependent on RNG.
  • MG: You no longer need to have a penis of a certain size to dominate the witch.
  • MG: How long it takes to drown while swimming should now be a bit more intuitive.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where your penis was sometimes referred to as a vagina.
  • MG: Fixed an issue where a few dominant sex scenes would include ass to mouth even if you didn't have the fetish enabled
  • MG: Fixed a bug where tentacle monsters would sometimes keep trying to attack you after defeating you
  • MG: Fixed a bug where you could still slap even after a tentacle monster grabbed both arms
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the demoness was using the default scene for dominant penetration

Beta Testers:

  • Aika: Barbara can now appear needing your help at the entrance to the vine boss pit even if you haven't had the previous scene where you rescue her from some vines.
  • MG: The hotel altar will now glow when ready to be used.
  • MG: [Mythical Creatures fetish] [Pregnancy] The centaur is back from buying cigarettes and can now actually get you pregnant.

Alpha Testers (june 2020 unlock file):

  • Aika: Type the debug command 'epilogue' to immediately end the game and get to CHOOSE your epilogue(s) from a menu.
    • The submenus don't discriminate between which specific epilogue variants should be available to your set of kink choices or player status so expect to see the titles of some epilogues you'd prefer not to, and expect to experience some weird behaviour in certain circumstances.
  • Aika: Extra Credit Zone is working OK but the player is getting inundated with too many clothes in their inventory. Also it made it too easy to use the junk room to get a decent number of rare items. So, instead, most items from the extra credit zone now disappear when you reach the final room.
    • Items with exciting magic modifiers or enhancements are instead sent to the junk room, where you can exchange 5 unwanted clothing items for them as normal.
  • Aika: New joint predicament where you and another student are wearing rather unique outfits with vibrators in various places including your genitals which can only be seen if you don't press yourselves together and make out. So you can either stay apart, getting stimulated down below by vibrators, with visible vibrating genitals, and your teammate getting upset whenever you are spotted, or press yourselves together and look still rather lewd, but now just with your nipples getting stimulated, your teammate not getting upset with you, but moving more slowly.
  • Aika: Added a few more tiles to the right hand side of the map, to give you slightly improved route options when you get near to the house.
  • Aika: To make things a little more challenging, bystanders won't move away in the turn you enter their location.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where undoing after reading an epilogue would get you stuck with a restructured GUI that looked all wrong.
  • MG: Fixed a slight issue where the 'mini weapon' debug command wasn't working if you were a futanari.
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