Trap Quest Release 13 Version 7.0 Hotfix

This version's banner image is from the new 'kite flying' predicament epilogue (currently alpha testers only). Art by Pyper Haylie.

How to Download

Go here and download the latest hotfix instead:

Main Changelist

Hotfix Changelist


  • Art for when the caged minotaur manages to grab you and fuck you, by Amington.
  • New art for the hulk (minotaur without mythical creatures enabled), by Borvar.


  • New art for the orc when set to only feminine NPCs, by Borvar.
  • New art for the start of round 3 in the (very long) Nintendolls Gameshow epilogue, by Borvar.


  • Fixed a serious mistake where some of the orc's poker punishments for if you were always related to some of the more niche kinks available in Trap Quest, even if you had them disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where wearing the bridal veil manually didn't cause a sex change for male characters.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'naturally large breasts' / 'naturally small penis' handicap setting wasn't saved in between games.
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