Trap Quest Release 13 Version 9.0

EDIT 04 Sept 2022: The Area57 Direct Download Links were downloading Version 8.0, sorry! If you downloaded from one of those links before Sunday morning, you don't have the new version. Your file should have the number 220902, not 220616. Please redownload! The MEGA links were fine.

This version's banner image is from the one of the new Extra Credit Zone predicaments (Alpha Testers only at the moment), by Pyper Haylie.

If you're into pregnancy, there's some real treats for you in this version.

Sad News

It's time to announce two bits of sad news:

  • Area57 has been AWOL for over six months now, so we have to officially declare that the old Windows launcher is unsupported and not recommended for use.
  • New rules forced on us by Patreon, forced on Patreon by Mastercard, require us to have proof of ID and consent for every piece of adult photographic media. So we can't even use a cut-out of a pair of boobs any more. Therefore we are afraid to say that the Porn window version has been retired, with immediate effect. If you were someone who religiously used the porn window, we'd recommend checking out the Strateg window, as it's the closest to life-like. Also, if you have a spare $5 to support us with, the Clothing window is essentially complete, and looks really really great.

How to Download

Go here and download the hotfix instead:



  • New content for Barbara!
    • Lots of never seen before art by Icarus for most of the stuff below.
    • [Pregnancy] Barbara can become pregnant with normal babies as well as tentacle monsters.
      • If you are immobile in front of her while she's pregnant, and you're not in combat or being 'punished' by an offensive enemy (so for example, being stuck on a trap would make you eligible), she can do something very special. But she has to have spawned in a valid way (either naturally, or using the debug command described in the patrons-only section below).
    • The first time you meet a robobellboy, if it occurs by you moving into the room with the robot, and Barbara still hasn't been sluttified, you'll find her in combat with the bellboy, and about to lose.
      • If you don't distract the bellboy by engaging in combat with it, then it'll sluttify her.
      • Art by Borvar.
    • The first time you enter the Academy swimming pool, if Barbara hasn't been sluttified yet, she can appear, visiting the academy for her first and only time. She wants to take a dip in the pool, which is currently just normal water. (Spoiler alert: it's a temporary illusion. The Academy loves her pranks.)
      • You can choose from various options relating to joining her or not joining her. Either way, if you go in the pool first, you'll end up covered in cum, and if Barbara does, she gets filled to the brim with the stuff, which she finds somewhat distressing.
        • [Pregnancy] She becomes pregnant.
    • When in a room alone with unsluttified Barbara and a glue trap that you've previously triggered (and nothing crazy happened since the last time you bumped into her), she will trigger the glue trap, immediately sluttifying her once and making you choose whether to risk rescuing her.
      • You can leave her alone, immediately sluttifying her again.
      • You can help her, which if you're unlucky, earns you a glued dildo sword (or glues and gives your equipped hand item a -1, if you already have one).
      • You can demand her pistol from her in return, which has a 50% chance of her refusing (and therefore being like you refused) or accepting (which earns you the magic pistol instead of +2 favour if you successfully rescue her).
    • There are two new scenes where Barbara takes advantage of you when you're in an immobilized state.
      • If she is at low bimbo and you have an exposed, very large penis, she will give you a blowjob which results in her removing a curse she needed removed, and your penis shrinking.
      • [Pregnancy] Already cryptically mentioned earlier in this section.
    • You can usually choose to dominate Barbara with a penis after defeating her.
      • You'll have intimate, face-to-face vaginal intercourse which will (almost) always feel fulfilling for you.
      • It doesn't increase dominance or dignity as normal, but it does do all the other effects you'd expect, including allowing you to lose your virginity.
        • It also increases her sluttification.
      • In certain circumstances, you might even be able to do this without permanently angering her.
  • You can now mop up puddles with clothing in your inventory.
  • A new class - the stripper. Her abilities are most useful during the seduction routine. You get the headgear by grinding your hips into the orc's dick until he cums, during a seduction routine.
    • NPCs have a greater capacity for blue balls (frustration at not having orgasmed yet) before they get fed up with you, the higher your heels are.
    • Friendly NPCs are less likely to get angry with you if you end a seduction routine early.
    • Most stripper clothing items make certain seduction actions (mostly kiss, dance or grind) more likely to successfully excite the NPC you're seducing with it.
  • A new cross class - the stripper maid. Obtain it by being a maid and doing the orc lapdance thing, or by cleaning a puddle in front of a male NPC and getting very unlucky (or being the stripper).
    • She has a unique headgear and underwear, and her quest (and special ability) is that when she cleans a puddle in front of NPCs it arouses them, and eventually convinces them that they're being seduced.
    • Also should be compatible with most or all other maid cross-classes.
  • [Pregnancy] A new cross class between bride and fertility goddess for a bride who gives birth to their husband's baby. The dress is rather modest, which is a nice bonus!
    • If you clean a puddle or pick up the spraybottle while wearing this dress, you also get a maid apron, and become the maid class too.
  • A new attack that Xavier can make against the Princess in the Final Battle. The demonic sword, in penis mode, is forcing its way past her lips. You can take hold of it but then it'll start doing its nasty stuff to you. And it's cursed.
    • If you wait 1 turn, there's a luck-based chance that the princess will successfully deal with it herself, and damage Xavier. But assuming she fails, she'll take a chunk of damage and then smaller amounts of damage every turn for a random number of turns.
    • If you never save her until Xavier finishes climaxing, he gets an extra free attack on her.
    • But seriously, this one is particularly punishing for you if you choose to save her, especially if it happens earlier on in the fight.
  • If you defeat and banish a gladiator while in the prison guard's bedroom, she will release the minotaur as she leaves.
  • [Pregnancy] When you touch the feet of the woods statue, if there's an NPC in the woods who can get you pregnant and you get unlucky, a random NPC in the woods gets you pregnant.
  • The first time each piece of clothing fails to transform and would be disintegrated, instead the effect rebounds and tries to find a new target.
  • New salve, the salve of erasure, can be rubbed on a tattoo to remove it.


  • Orgasms no longer always cause your knees to buckle. Instead there's a random chance depending on your fatigue levels. As long as you have below 50% fatigue, you have a 0% chance of knees buckling, but it increases up towards a 100% chance as you reach maximum fatigue.
  • The rate at which you accrue debt with the pimp while serving patrons in the hotel bedrooms has increased, but the rate at which you accrue debt with him while attacking the patrons and sending them running has decreased.
  • When you're the princess, friendly royal guards never get bored of following you around (but you should have no problem dismissing them).
  • When you end a seduction routine on a friendly NPC early, there's now a chance they won't get annoyed with you. The chance increases if you're the stripper class, if you've got them right to the brink of orgasm, and if you succeed at a lucky roll.
  • The receptionist now stays around when you say no to her at the start of the game. You can come up and speak to her again to start the academy quest whenever you want. When you find the hotel, she moves to the hotel.
  • A bunch of the time that the game uses student names, it will now include the student's type, to help you remember what their behaviour is likely to be like.
  • Drinks containers now live in your bag of holding while empty.
  • When clothing is transformed, it no longer maintains crotch ripped status unless there's something preventing the rip from being fixed (e.g. you're being fucked or are on a dildo pole).
    • Furthermore, if clothing is transformed from something without a crotch to something with a crotch, and there's something in the way of the crotch (e.g. the dildo pole), then the new clothing will appear displaced if allowed, or ripped if not.

ALPHA TESTERS (August 2022 unlock file)

  • New emerald or higher extra credit zone predicament (requires you to have a vagina) where you are stuck 'riding' a witch's broomstick with vibrators inside you, and chasing a golden... quadcopter.
    • Returning home without catching the quadcopter results in a big creampie and the ballgag you're wearing (hidden underneath a scarf) remaining locked.
    • The stick has two buttons near the front, but far enough apart that you need one hand to hold down each button.
      • When you release one button (e.g. to pick something up or try to catch the drone), you get an electric shock, so you'll want to do this as little as possible.
      • If you ever release both buttons at the same time, you get creampied.
      • Once you catch the drone, it takes one hand to keep holding it, so you'll be getting repeatedly shocked as you sprint for your house.
      • There's a decent chance of there being a desirable item at the entrance to your home. But if you want to pick it up after having already caught the drone, you'll have to release the drone or release the second button.
    • Each time you attempt to catch the drone, you only have a chance of succeeding.
    • The drone will vary in height over time, making it sometimes easier to catch and sometimes less easy to catch.
    • Every time you are shocked, the drone slows down. This makes it easier to catch and also makes it have a lower chance of changing location each turn.
    • Art by PyperHaylie.
  • New sapphire or emerald only extra credit zone predicament where you are sneaking through the park in a swimsuit that looks sexy from the front but positively outrageous from the back - instead of having a back, the crotch section is held in place with anal beads, and the collar only stays up when you use both hands to hold it up.
    • Each time you walk upright on your heels, your anal beads get pumped bigger.
    • While crawling, your asshole and therefore your new super lewd butt slut tattoo is on display.
    • There's a salve of erasure in the men's toilets.
    • Art by PyperHaylie.
  • Debug command "preggify" conceives or progresses Barbara's pregnancy.
  • Debug command "barb" forces Barbara to spawn in your region if possible, and with a special status, if possible.
  • Debug command "lock [clothing]" toggles whether the clothing is locked on.
  • Debug command "fix luck" lets you set the game to always make you unlucky or lucky.
  • The game will now try to warn the player if they are leaving the extra credit zone without first picking up the stuff they should probably take with them.


  • Since a very very very long time ago, players have been able to restock minibars when they were empty by feeding them a jewel. This was, however, not ever coded into the GUI. But now you can see open and empty minibars and are given buttons for using a jewel to restock them.
  • Fixed a bug where the wisp trigger for "don't lose your undies" was never triggering.
  • Fixed a bug where staff members who sometimes come out of the Academy were getting stuck outside of the Academy, and never returning.
  • Fixed an issue where all trousers and shorts were flagged as covering the entirety of the player's legs.
  • [Interracial] Fixed a minor issue with the BBC fairy tattoo where it wasn't flagged as being heart themed or semen themed.
  • Fixed a minor exploit where you could faint in the school dungeon and then escape with the pink pill.
  • Fixed a bug where you could try to automatically stand up even when you're not able to stand up.
  • Fixed a bug where players would always squirt liquid from their butt when orgasming if able (you're supposed to have a chance to hold it in).
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