Trap Quest Release 15 Version 1.0 (Hotfixed)

EDIT 15th March 2024: A hotfix was published and the links below updated.

EDIT2 16th March 2024: A second small hotfix was published and the links below updated again.

This blog post's banner is from the new Extra Credit Zone predicament (currently alpha testers only). Art by Wishberri.

Let's talk about Release 15 then. This release constitutes Big News for Trap Quest. Mainly that there is a NEW AND IMPROVED GUI! There's so much I want to say, but let me condense it to a few short points so that almost everybody actually reads them:

1) Yes, this is a big change. You will stumble around the UI at first, because you're used to the old one. People hate change (anyone remember those '1 million people against the new Facebook layout' groups back in the day?). I can promise that after a few runs, it'll feel a lot better than it did at first. I've been testing it loads over the last two weeks and I'm already completely used to it.

2) You can now toggle between body view and clothing view. Yes this means that the Clothing Window is now public. There's still plenty of goodies you get for being a Beta or Alpha Tester though! Here's a little example of what Alpha Testers will see when their body changes size:

3) Right now, the only available version is the Danaume + Clothing (Wishberri) window combo. The other versions will be released over the coming weeks, as I find the time to configure all the hyperlink zones and what constitutes a visible body change in that window.

4) No, the other historic versions are no longer available, and never will be. This required a big overhaul of the UI code, and there was no easy way to maintain the old UIs at the same time. You will get used to it, I swear, and hopefully come to prefer it soon enough. I also expect that newbies who have never played before will find it much nicer to learn the game with than the old messy one.

5) Please let me know which bits you like and which bits you dislike. This is still undergoing polishing pretty much every day, so things you tell me now are more likely to make a difference to the end product.

How to Download - Newbies on Windows

If you're brand new, on Windows, and either not very good with computers or just don't want to make any decisions on graphics version right now, download this zip file, which contains both the game file and the program needed to run it.

ZIP File - Direct Download



After you've extracted your zip file, all you need to do is open git.exe and then select the file starting with TrapQuest to run the game.

If you have any issues with that, reach out to us on Twitter or Discord or in the comments section below.

How to Download - Everyone Else

Trap Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need to download two different things:

1) A glulxe interpreter program (you open this program and then select the game file): many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it (if your overzealous antivirus has a problem with area57's improved speed version, there's an older official version here). Another interpreter called Gargoyle is available on multiple platforms but is more prone to crashes. If you're having trouble consult this page.

2) The game file:

GBLORB File - Direct Download



Known Issues

  • Updating to the latest version of the MacBook operating system no longer supports WINE. If this is the case for you, I'm afraid you'll need to run Windows in a Virtual Machine or otherwise fully emulate Windows to play Trap Quest on your computer using the recommended Windows Git. Your other option is to try Gargoyle (see here).
  • In some interpreters, on some people's computers, with some of the more complex character windows (mainly Wonderfuller and Clothing), undo is failing to work because the interpreter's undo buffer isn't large enough to handle the game.

Hotfix Changelist

ALPHA TESTERS (March 2024 unlock file)

  • Fixed a bug in the new Extra Credit Zone predicament where the knife couldn't remove your rope bondage because your wrists were bound!


  • Fixed a bug where when wearing clothing that triggered a 'butt window' to appear in the clothing window, the clothing window became warped and squashed whenever you opened an inventory menu and then closed it.
  • Fixed a bug where, with game hates you enabled, the pink wardrobe and pink chest in the starting room forgot to check your enabled and disabled fetishes before deciding on your starting outfit options.
  • Fixed a bug where the trainee hood would skip its training (and therefore progress towards release) if you had an occupied mouth.
  • Fixed a bug where most collars didn't count as a collar for the purposes of the new ass hook trap outcome.
  • Fixed a bug where the ballgown royal dress was correctly coded as exposing vaginas, but I forgot to flag it as also exposing penises.
  • Fixed a bug where the player's penis was still getting drawn underneath pants (trousers), resulting in being able to see the tip somehow phasing through the crotch section.
  • Made a first attempt at fixing a bug where shoes and full body outfits which go down to your ankles were layered wrong.

Hotfix 2 Changelist


  • Added an option in the GUI settings menu to change the height of the map window. (Some people were complaining that the location window below it was too small.)

ALPHA TESTERS (March 2024 unlock file)

  • Fixed a bug where with a brand new settings file, Halloween content would be enabled by default.


  • Fixed a bug where the ass hook collar now appeared correctly, but then immediately disappeared because it thought you weren't wearing the right type of collar.
  • [Lactation] Fixed a bug where a catgirl could not become a meow cow by drinking milk in the same location as a milking bench.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the attack buttons when they weren't functional just didn't say anything, instead of giving you the reason that the attack was not possible. (Typing the command still worked fine.)

Main Changelist


  • A massive Graphical User Interface overhaul! Countless practical and aesthetic improvements. Here are the highlights:
    • The clothing window is now available to everyone, packaged alongside a body window in the same game file.
    • The clothing window has labels that tell you what body parts and worn clothing items are causing your appearance rating to be so slutty, and the status of your clothing.
    • You can click on (visible) clothing in the clothing window to open button menus to perform actions on those items of clothing.
    • Clothing that is usually providing you modesty but currently isn't (because it's displaced / ripped / unzipped / wet) goes partially transparent at the relevant regions, to give you a better impression of what you look like to everyone else.
    • You can click on a toggle button in the top left of the clothing window to switch to the body window!
    • You can click on body parts in the body window to open butotn menus to perform actions on those body parts.
    • Your inventory is helpfully sorted into sensible order, and split into three tabs - in bag, carried in hands, and worn.
    • The location window is split into pages, so when there's a huge number of items in your location, they don't become impossibly tiny.
      • NPCs and environment objects should always appear on earlier pages than portable objects, and the helpful buttons (like 'take all') should appear in the last entry on every page, when available.
    • When you click on an object, it first expands into a small button window, which shows you the 'examine' button, and up to 3 other buttons, carefully selected to be the things that the game things you are most likely to want to do.
      • Clicking the 'examine' button opens up a larger button window with all the options available, as well as also presenting you with the zoomed in image in the map area.
  • If the djinn encounters Barbara, Barbara will probably make a badly worded wish and get transformed into a statue. The dildo sword will become embedded in this statue, and to rescue her you must be the one to pull the sword from the stone. This gives you a new class (see below).
  • New class - the 'chosen one'. The hero foretold who will stay true and honourable whilst managing a debilitating 'curse'.
    • Okay it's not quite that glamorous. This class relates to wielding the dildo sword. You get it by obtaining the dildo sword, either by being a virgin warrior with a sword of purity who loses her virginity, or by pulling the dildo sword from the 'stone' when the 'stone' is in fact your friend Barbara, petrified into statue form. (See above!)
    • It currently shares an outfit with the sinful priestess, but that might change in the future.
    • Being a chosen one significantly increases the damage you do with a sword. Which is pretty strong. But of course, if you've got this class, it's likely that the only sword you have access to is the dildo sword.
    • A chosen one is extremely vulnerable to being 'enticed' by NPCs in the middle of combat. NPCs are twice as likely to 'entice' you, and you will always suffer at least a bit of damage reduction if you refuse to do what they say.
    • The quest requires you to complete 4 'honourable battles'. An honourable battle is one where you end up giving the NPC a satisfying resolution - usually either an orgasm (but this will only count as progress if you first got the NPC down to at least half health), or you offer them a hand of friendship after winning the fight.
    • Wielding another type of sword while you are the chosen one is obscenely powerful. But, other swords are at risk of suddenly turning into a dildo sword whenever an NPC notices you and wants to fight.


  • Sitting on the lecture chair in the hotel as a schoolgirl now has a completely different set of possible scenes.
    • If you have one scrunchie, you'll have a decent chance of getting locked to the chair and:
      • [Bukkake] Bukkaked.
      • [Otherwise] Given humiliating helium balloons for scruncies.
      • This can only happen once.
    • If you have two scrunchies... There's currently no bad scene, because I haven't coded it yet. But there will be soon.
    • Otherwise, you are guaranteed to get a good scene and gain 1 intelligence.
  • If you're wearing a collar, when you try to pull an ass hook trap out of your asshole, if you get unlucky, the rope can fasten itself to your collar, forcing you to walk around with the hook in your ass until you can remove the collar.
    • Art by Borvar.
  • [Lactation] The robomilkmaid can now forcefeed you milk, and also can milk your breasts if she detects that they are too full.
    • Her own milk supply is tracked, and she is more likely to get aggressive and force you to drink milk (usually in front of an audience!) if she's feeling full herself... Which happens over time, and also if she's got milk from you.
  • Pink wisps can now transform your clothing rather than your mind when you trigger their punishment before completing their goals. (60% chance, assuming there's something you're wearing that's transformable)
  • The djinn can now swap between the mansion and woods regions at will, and does so every so often (once both regions have been loaded). If he's following you in the woods and sees you entering the mansion, he'll fly up and arrive at a random open-air location in the mansion, and try and find you. If he's following you in the mansion and you enter the woods, he'll wander around trying to find an open-air location. If he finds one before getting bored of following you, he'll fly straight to your location in the woods.
  • The rune trap that shrinks your penis summons a chastity cage if you get unlucky or have reached minimum penis size and don't have common event TG enabled.
    • Doesn't happen if you've enabled full bondage protection.
  • New benefit option 'fantastic elastic' lets you spend 1 point to be allowed to insert sex toys of any size regardless of how tight your orifices are. It still increases gape and soreness as normal, this just allows you to put it in, even if normally the game would say it's too big and you need to train your hole some more first.
  • New background option 'exhibitionist' prevents bras and panties from being found in containers, but you no longer take a humiliation hit each time an NPC sees you with an appearance that would normally make you feel ashamed. (The NPCs will still be just as outraged.)


  • New art by Borvar for Abriana / Abbi when she's promoted to Ruby rank.
  • New art by Borvar for nasty student Darla.
  • New art by Borvar for nasty student Belinda.
    • She can offer you pink scrunchies to wear (cheerleader class). If you agree, she'll be more happy with you, and if you refuse, you'll make her more angry with you.
  • [Tentacles & Egg Laying] New art by Borvar for when a facehugger leaps onto your face.
  • New art by Borvar for the robomilkmaid.
  • New art by Wishberri for when the ass hook trap in the Dungeon gives you a wedgie.
  • Enhanced flavour for when an NPC 'entices' you to just surrender and service them in the middle of a fight, including for if it was almost at a level where you would suffer a damage penalty for the rest of the fight, but not quite.
  • Feeding heels to a bag of holding can increase the height of your worn heels by 1 inch.
  • [Pregnancy] Decreased the odds of Barbara getting knocked up elsewhere after she's just had a scene with you where she became more slutty. It was happening far too often.
  • All the hoods can cause the robovaccuum to turn you into its living vaccuum sack, not just the standard black latex hood.
  • Item icons will now warn you that a worn item is 'strength stealing' - i.e. it will steal your strength if you remove it.
  • Item icons will now tell you when a worn cursed item can actually be removed, even though it's cursed, e.g. when you are the cultist.
  • [Game Hates You] Items found in the pink wardrobe at the start of the game will be more slutty.
  • The cock pacifier now squirts semen into your mouth instead of straight down your throat, leaving it up to you when you swallow.
    • You can now only remove a cursed cock pacifier whilst hungry.
  • Mopping puddles with the (unbroken) pink spraybottle now earns you magic power over time. Level up your magic with this one weird trick!


  • In the Extra Credit Zone, you can now slip into the lake and hide yourself in there. When you come out, you'll be wet, but at least nobody can see your lewd outfit whilst you're up to your neck in the water!
    • Clothing does not dry out over time while you're in the Extra Credit Zone.
  • The stuck-in-a-wall maths questions predicament now has another possible outcome - the man behind your butt can be instructed to steal the outfit that has been left for you to wear for your walk home.

ALPHA TESTERS (March 2024 unlock file)

  • When your body visibly changed last, the body window animates this change, flipping between your 'before' and 'after' appearances.
    • If this doesn't work probably, it's probably because the action you took is flagging the fact that time will be moving forward in the wrong part of its code. Please let me know what the last action you took was when reporting a bug about this.
    • Click the 'before after' button to pause this animation on either state.
  • Found time to add in a new Extra Credit Zone predicament after all. This one is emerald rank and higher, and is called the 'horizontal pole predicament'.
    • Essentially there are a bunch of spanking machines to one side of you, a bunch of wand vibrators to the other, and you have to wiggle to the end of one of those options to escape.
    • The catch is that if you leave like this, you'll be waddling home in strict rope bondage, and otherwise naked. But as you waddle down towards one exit, the game will offer you rewards for changing direction and heading back the other way. Things like a blade to cut your rope bondage, then clothing to keep you modest. It's up to you how many of these offers you take.
    • Predicament art, as usual, by Wishberri!
  • Fixed a bug where the balloon kart predicament could get stuck in a loop where your soreness didn't heal, if you reached max soreness.


  • Fixed a bug where the clit vibe was erroneously flagged as penetrating a hole.
  • Fixed a bug where when a student offered you a Kraken Bell, the background image that was shown whenever a future Yes/No question was asked, was always the Kraken Bell.
  • Fixed an issue where a couple of Bowsette's sex images (blowjob and titfuck) would never show up.
  • Many other bug fixes that I forgot to document.
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