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In General

Belly Size is one of the body stats of the player. It is a combination of the player's belly fill, stomach fill, and womb fill, which are increased whenever something enters the player's ass, mouth, and womb, respectively. Aside from penises, main things to enter the player are semen and drinks, although other things such as air, eggs, milk, or piss may find their way into the player depending on their fetish selections. Since it is a major contributor to Weight it is wise to keep this stat low.

Phrase Meanings

The phrase in the status bar corresponds to the following values:

  • Flat: 1-3
  • Round: 4-5
  • Bulging: 6
  • Inflated: 7-8
  • Absurd: 9-10

The pictures on the examine page change for each size, though.


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that uses the player's Belly Size, and its derivative stats, in its calculations.

  • Anything Weight related, because weight adds Belly Size and other body stats together.
  • Body fat increases belly size.
  • A big enough belly drags on the floor when crawling activating traps like oversized breasts do (not sure).
  • Belly Size is used when trying to learn the Belly Skill from the fairy.
    • If Belly Size + Intelligence is greater than a random number between 5 and 15 the skill is learned.
  • If the Belly Size successfully expands beyond a certain threshold (?), while wearing a corset, the corset has a chance to burst with every subsequent change to belly size.
    • For Corsets of constriction, this threshold is higher
    • The chance that the corset is destroyed increases as the belly grows larger.
  • Corsets cannot be worn or put on unless the player has a flat belly.
  • Contributes to player Title.

Belly Fill

  • The belly has a maximum fluid capacity of 30 units(20 for females)
  • Whenever the player has anything filling their belly, each turn they have a chance to queue up an "episode," during which they will involuntarily expel the contents of their ass
    • When the game has decided that the player is ready to have an episode, the player will get a warning so they can get somewhere safe and/or prepare an open-topped vessel
    • The player cannot move while they are expelling fluid, and are thus vulnerable to being raped by NPC's until they are finished.
      • If an npc tries to take advantage of them during an episode, it will stop.
    • This will never happen if the player has something plugging their ass, although the plug will eventually fall out if the player is not wearing any underwear to hold it in.
    • If the player has air filling their belly, it will always leave last, and if the player has any eggs up their ass, at least one will leave during the episode.
    • If the player has an open-topped vessel such as a novelty mug, a golden chalice, or a cocktail glass, they will be given the option to catch the expelled fluids in their ass.
    • The game randomly decides what amount will leave the player's ass during the episode, with the following probabilities
      • 1/4 contents (50%)
      • 1/2 contents (37.5%)
      • All contents (12.5%)
    • Increases Sex addiction
    • Increases orifice soreness, depending on what came out.
      • Large eggs increase it the most, and air doesn't increase it at all
      • As with anything that increases orifice soreness, has a chance of causing a shameful orgasm
  • Whenever belly fill tries to increase, and the belly is full, some of its contents will be forced upward into the stomach.
    • Fluids will always move upward first, followed by small eggs, and then by air, medium eggs, and large eggs
    • If air, medium eggs, or large eggs would enter the player's stomach, the player will faint instead
  • If the player already has a full stomach, and belly fill tries to increase, the contents of their stomach will be forced upward and out of the player's mouth.
    • This causes the player to rapidly gain body soreness, which (if allowed to reach its maximum value) will make the player faint
    • If small eggs would be forced out of the player's mouth, the player will faint instead.
  • If the player has any medium eggs in their belly, Giant wasps will do their best to protect the player, as long as they notice the player after they get filled with eggs.
    • Wasps that were aggressive to the player before they took some eggs will stay aggressive until they have given a payload of their own.

Womb Fill

  • The player's womb has a maximum fluid capacity of 10 units.
  • A character with a womb fill greater than 10 units has a ?% chance to become pregnant each turn.
  • The player's womb will sometimes absorb 1-2 units of fluid
  • If the player's womb fill would exceed 10 units, it will always absorb any excess.
    • Increases Pussy soreness
    • Increases Pussy openness
    • Increases sex addiction
      • If sex addiction is maxed it decreases intelligence

Stomach Fill

  • Stomach fill is a combination of two different stats, "cum-fill" and "stomach-fill," which have a shared capacity of 10 units.
    • If cum-fill is 9, stomach fill can't exceed 10, if cum-fill is 3, stomach fill can't exceed 7.
  • Its contributions to belly size are quite limited, maxing out when stomach fill reaches 5 units.
    • If the player's stomach fill would exceed 10 units, it will simply absorb the fluid
      • This has a chance of increasing cum addiction
      • Has a chance of increasing sex addiction if cum addiction is at its maximum value
        • If sex addiction is maxed it may decrease intelligence.
      • This does not apply if the excess fluid came in through the back door.
  • When it is reduced below zero, the player's thirst will begin to increase.

Main article: Thirst


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that can modify your //Belly Size// value. The value can never go lower than 1 or higher than 10.(probably outdated)

  • Belly Size increases whenever your belly stomach or womb fill increases.
  • Asking the fairy for a drink will cause her to increase the player's belly fill, and if applicable their womb fill, until the player's belly size is 8.
  • Reset to 1(flat) when the player faints
    • All other belly stats are reset to 0, except for stomach, which is reset to 2.

Belly Fill

  • Increases whenever the player is anally creampied (specific value depends on the monster)
  • Increases if the slimegirl is in the player's belly.
    • "She" is unaffected by dungeon resets
  • Increases whenever the player is filled with eggs
    • Small eggs increase it by ? units each
    • Medium eggs increase it by ? units each
    • Large eggs increase it by ? units each

Womb Fill

  • Is temporarily permanent if the player is pregnant
    • Has a ?% chance to increase each turn when pregnant
    • This chance is modified by the player's "pregnancy rate".
  • Increases whenever the player is vaginally creampied.
  • Can only be increased by semen, so "creampies" of other liquids have no effect.

Stomach fill

  • Increases whenever the player swallows urine, milk, or semen
  • Decreases whenever the player fails to successfully deepthroat(that is to say, whenever they puke)
    • Any volume lost in this way will be semen volume
  • Increases whenever the player consumes a drink or potion.
  • Increases whenever belly fill exceeds its maximum value.
  • Decreases by 1 every 75 seconds.

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