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The doom quest is activated when the player meets a Cultist in the Mansion for the first time or when the player first discovers the Mansion in "Game Hates You" mode, which is a countdown until the Mansions boss enemy, ValleyHotep the herald will spawn. Certain things will increase or speed up the countdown, and depending on how far the countdown has progressed, certain things will change in the rest of the game world. Since the Mansion is an optional region, it is possible to never meet a Cultists and thus never have to deal with the quest at all. Interacting with a reception bell, a black candle, or a pocket necronomicon will also start the quest, but once again these items are all optional.

Increasing the Countdown

The following things will increase the doom countdown:

  • Polluting the sacred pool in the mansion(this has greater effect the higher the pollution is)
  • Allowing the sacred pool to reach maximum pollution
  • Giving birth to a baby from the elder altar
  • Destroying an item on the elder altar
  • Leaving mindless cultists in the elder altar room

Lowering the Countdown

The sacred pool in the Mansion area is currently the only thing that can slow down the countdown to the end of the doom quest. At the start of the game, the pools waters will be "pure", and the player can choose to pollute the water as a way of removing curses from clothing or cleaning up a mess. The pool will purify itself over time, and the player can soak blessed clothing in it to get rid of a lot of pollution all at once. The pool offsets the doom counter early on, increasing to triple the original rate if the player can keep the pool's pollution deep into the quest's life.

If there are no cultists actively participating in the ritual with the elder altar, the doom quest will not proceed and the internal doom counter may decrease if the sacred pool it not polluted. This will last until a new active cultist is spawned for the ritual.

Quest Completion

The quest will end naturally over time, or be completed manually by the player after bringing a bell, a book, a candle and the doom notes to the elder altar and waiting there for a turn. Note that the doom quest must be active for the quest to actually be completed. Details for obtaining the quest items can be found here.

Letting the quest end on its own will have the following effects:

  • Gladiators are stronger
    • Insane Gladiators are MUCH stronger
  • Every existing mindless Cultists will give birth to a tentacle monster
    • Mindless Cultists also become aggressive.
  • Demonesses are stronger
  • ValleyHotep the Herald will spawn in the Elder Altar
  • Tentacle Monsters will transform into "Elder" tentacle monsters, which take much less time to rest after sex, and spawn a Ghostly Tentacle after death(as long as the player is in the mansion)