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The gargoyle is winged stone creature that can be found in the Mansion. Losing to her is one of the ways the Vampiress can spawn, although male players may have to deal with a different punishment entirely if their length is up to the gargoyle's standards.


Three pieces of random jewelery


Actions upon victory

  • Divebomb the player can carry them into the sky
  • Causes a Vampiress to spawn in the Mansion and carries the player to her.
  • If the player's penis length is above a certain threshold, gives the player a blowjob
    • The threshold is 5 inches to start, and lowers as the gargoyle takes more of your penis length
    • If she can make the player orgasm, the player's penis length will be decreased by 2
    • If she can't make the player orgasm before too long, she will lose interest(but not before a small difficulty increase)


The gargoyle will normally not pay any attention, only becoming interested when one of the following conditions is met:

  • The player has a penis length above a certain threshold
  • The player is horny
  • There is a ghost nearby
  • The player has semen on two or more parts of their body
  • If there is a vampiress somewhere in the mansion
  • If the doom timer has progressed at least once.

Once paying attention, the gargoyle will become hostile under any of the following conditions:

  • The player has a penis length above a certain threshold and the player is very horny, or their penis is exposed
  • The player is masturbating nearby
  • The player is the Vixen
  • The player is the Faerie
  • Fighting nearby
  • Attacking


  • The garoyle won't bother the player while friendly


  • Difficulty: 8
  • Hitpoints: 37
  • Girth: ?
  • Mess: None.
  • Fuckable? No.
  • Takes virginity? No


The gargoyle is only interested in the player's penis, or bringing them to her master.


The gargoyle is not as tough as the vampiress, but losing to her is as good as guarantee that a visit to the vampiress is on the horizon. Avoiding a fight with the gargoyle is as easy as not drawing her interest, but once you have it, its best to avoid fighting in front of her, because her dive bomb attack is hard to avoid unless the player has a teleportation item handy. Male players can try to appease the gargoyle if they really have to fight in front of her, and since her difficulty goes up if she "assaults" the player without making them cum, male players can pump her difficulty for better loot down the road. Killing the gargoyle also leaves one less way to encounter the vampiress, which can be useful if you would like to avoid her.