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On this page is a not very complete list of all items and equipment in the game. This page also contains information concerning different item types, which is useful for players wondering what an overdress actually is and why they can't wear it underneath a corset. Click on links for more information on individual items, although the same general rules apply for each type


Equipment or Clothing can be found normal, cursed, or blessed. Certain pieces of clothing are only found cursed, and some pieces of clothing can't be obtained without wearing another. Clothing can have positive or negative modifiers, which affect the player's stats, although positive modifiers are neutralized if the clothing in question is soaked. Sometimes clothing will "Magical Attributes" that give the item extra effects, and others have effects that are completely unique. While the player can wear several pieces of clothing at once, only one piece of clothing can be worn in each "slot." Wearing a piece of clothing in the Overdress slot will prevent the player from equipping anything in the Corset or Bra slots, and wearing clothing in the Heels slot will prevent the player from equipping anything in the Stocking slot. All clothing are made of a certain material, which gives them certain properties. For example, Metal and latex clothes never become soaked by liquid, but metal clothes are heavier than normal, and latex clothes often come with a suite of stat reductions.

Upper Body


Headgear are not normally found in easily accessible spots, like in containers or in the dungeon shop. The only way to obtain these items is to have them appear onto the player by magic or if forced into them by certain NPC's, with few exceptions. As a result, headgear are always cursed when the player first obtains them, and once removed, will regain their curse if worn again.

All headgear have a chance of spawning additional items onto the player's body, which usually ends up forming a class outfit depending on how many items are allowed to spawn. This chance is related to the BUC of the item, the fetishes the player selected at the beginning of the game, and sometimes the player's personal stats. Cursed headgear have a chance of increasing the player's hair length each turn, as well the highest chance of spawning new items. As with any other clothing type, wearing one headgear prevents all others from spawning, so its worthwhile to take the time and effort to bless the headgear to keep the chances of additional clothing spawns as low as possible.

The following is a list of all headgear in the game:


Acquiring: There are a variety of ways to obtain collars, although the most common ones, necklaces, can be found either in treasure chests, or as drops from defeated npc's. Aside from that, items that occupy the player's neck slot are relatively rare.

Interactions: Collars don't have any special interactions, although they are worn ontop of overdresses, rather than below them. If a player tries to wear an overdress that covers their neck, and they're already wearing a collar, or if that overdress is exclusive, they won't be able to put it on.

The following is a list of all collars in the game:


Acquiring: There are a variety of ways to obtain overdresses, since they are by far the largest equipment group. Many can be found in the shop, or as loot from dungeon chests, and others can only appear if spawned by a certain piece of headgear.

Interactions: Overdresses are worn on the player's body, and go above bras and corsets. That means that if the player wants to wear either one of those items, the overdress must be removed first, and if one of those items should happen to burst under the strain of keeping in the player's ever-growing body, the overdress will sometimes go with it. Many overdresses have a below the waist component which prevents them from wearing skirts, although most of them still allow the player to wear trousers. For more information on skirts, visit the skirts section further down the page. There are quite a few overdresses that block the players crotch, however, NPC's will always destroy the crotch-blocking portion on the first try, so the player should generally displace their clothing if they want it to stay intact. Overdresses also have an armour stat, which determines whether or not they will be completely destroyed or just ripped when an NPC tries to get at one of their orifices. Several magical enchantments can be found on overdresses, including absorption, endurance, confidence, temptation, suppression, speed, posture training, and dress-up.

The following is a list of all overdresses in game:






Acquiring: Most bras can be found by searching dungeon chests, although a certain few, such as the spike bra or the cow print bikini top, can only be obtained through other means.

Interactions: The bra slot is underneath the overdress slot, which means bras can only be equipped or removed if the player isn't already wearing a dress or a shirt. All bras have a stat called "support," which affects breast weight. The ratio is 1 to 1, so a bra with a support stat of "2" reduces breast weight by 2, and a bra with a support stat of "-4" increases breast weight by 4. Like overdresses, some bras can be found a magic attribute, including absorption, temptation, suppression, and a unique enchantment called milk production. Almost all bras have a cup size, which is the maximum size the player's breasts can be before they are too busty for the bra. Cursed bras will slowly grow the player's breasts, increasing in size if they ever get too large. However, all bras have a size cap they they can never grow past, and if the player's breasts ever exceed that size, the bra will simply burst from the straing(and sometimes take the player's overdress with it)

The following is a list of all bras currently in the game:


Acquiring: Corsets can be found in the dungeon shop, pink wardrobe, and in treasure chests and basic containers found throughout the dungeon.

Interactions: Corsets go underneath the overdress slot, and much like bras, can't be worn or removed if there is an overdress in the way. All corsets help control the size of the player's belly, although they cannot be worn if the player's belly is not flat, and if it gets too full the corset will simply burst(sometimes taking the player's overdress with it). Corsets can have several magical enchantments, including suppression, temptation, confidence, endurance, posture training, and a unique enchantment called constriction.

The following is a list of all corsets currently in the game:

Lower Body


Acquiring: There is at least one pair of trousers to be found in the dungeon shop at all times. Otherwise, the player can rarely find trousers in chests and basic containers.

Interactions: Pants go below overdresses, and corsets, and go overtop panties and stockings. Trousers cannot be worn with skirts, and neither panties nor stockings cannot be worn or removed if there are trousers in the way. All trousers block the player's crotch, but as with overdresses, they will become ripped if the player isn't careful. Possible magical enchantments for trousers include dress-up and Kicking. All trousers have a stat called "hindrance," which affects several dexterity based actions, such as kicking, escaping traps, and tripping.

The following is a list of all trousers currently in the game:


Acquiring: There is always at least one skirt in the dungeon shop, and one in the pink wardrobe. Skirts can also be found in treasure chests and basic containers, and sometimes spawn as part of class outfits.

Interactions: Skirts go above pants and above panties, but cannot be worn with an overdress that has a below the waist component. Each skirt has a particular length, which has an effect on the player's bimbo score, and sometimes their dexterity. "Super short" is the minimum length, and if the player isn't wearing underwear, it means that a player wearing a skirt of this length has their genitals exposed. "Short" is the "medium length", and conceals the player's genitals as long as the player is standing. If the player is male, their penis may still be visible if its big, and "Knee length" skirts are essentially the longest, and conceal the player's privates even if they aren't standing. That said, knee length skirts generally don't protect anything unless the player is kneeling. "Hobble skirts" reduce the player's dexterity and prevent them from kicking. Like knee-length skirts, they normally conceal the player's privates, but hobble length skirts tend to be found on overdresses anyway, which means they are often susceptible to ripping. Sheer skirts don't conceal anything and only serve to block penetration or make the player look a bit sluttier. Skirts can be found with the dress-up or suppression enchantments.

The following is a list of all skirts currently in the game:


Acquiring: Panties, or "knickers", can be found throughout the dungeon in treasure chests, basic containers, the dungeon shop, and in the pink wardrobe. Several underwear will also spawn due to cursed headgear, and certain actions.

Interactions: Panties go on below skirts, overdresses and trousers. If the player is wearing trousers or a crotch-blocking overdress, panties cannot be worn or removed, but they can be worn freely with skirts.

The following is a list of all underwear currently in the game:


Acquiring: Stockings can be found in the dungeon shop, and in containers throughout the dungeon.

Interactions: Stockings are worn below trousers and heels, so exclusive heels or trousers cannot be worn with stockings. All stockings have the potential to hinder or help the player in various dexterity related areas, such as tripping, kicking, and escaping from traps, and can appear with the dress-up, constriction, posture training, and endurance magical enchantments

The following is a list of all stockings currently in the game:


Acquiring: Heels can be acquired from the dungeon shop, or in containers found throughout the dungeon. The Pink Wardrobe will always contain at least one pair of heels, and some heels, especially the Cotton Ballet Shoes, have a chance of being spawned by other items and by NPC's.

Interactions: Heels are worn over stockings and anklecuffs will prevent the player from wearing new heels or taking them off. Depending on the height of the heels, and the player's heel skill, heels cause kicks to do bonus damage and allow the chance to crit. Cursed heels have a lower crit chance, but some heels have a higher baseline crit than others. Possible Magical Attributes for heels include Posture Training, Kicking, and Stumbling.

The following is a list of all heels currently in the game:


Upper Body

Lower Body

Class outfits

Class outfits are collections of clothing which provide additional effects when worn together. Most Class outfits include a cursed "hat" which can be obtained by performing slutty or humiliating things in the game world. When cursed, some class items have a chance to forcefully garb the player in other class items. Class outfits include at least two items, some of which may be impossible to obtain without wearing another one first.

Other Items

Unlike equipment, the following items do not have any passive effects at all, even if they are carried on the player's person rather than in their inventory. These items are opt-in, all the time.


Drinks: Various drinkable vessels. Use the drink command.

Fae Mushroom: An item that, when eaten, teleports the player to a random room in the area.

Jewelry: These are the currency in Trap Quest, their value changes on the type and material.

Lubricant: This can be used to reduce the player's orifice soreness, and if the player is thirsty enough, they can drink it to partially relieve it.


The following consumables can be used with the "Eat" command, and slightly fill the player's stomach.


Alchemic Reactants

Many items have no use outside of alchemy, and some have other uses, but double as crafting ingredients. All crafting happens in the apothecary, and requires a recipe(on hand or committed to player memory.)


These can be filled with a liquid so that the player does not have to depend on cans or NPC's when they need something to drink. The liquid capacity of each container varies, so be sure to keep an eye on that with the examine command, which has the added benefit of telling you the specific liquid you have as well. Be careful, as certain containers will lose their contents if the player kneels or falls over. Like most items, containers may be cursed.


These items can be used to plug one of the player's orifices so that NPC's will not try penetrating them. Keep in mind that it takes more than that for most NPC's to lose interest. Female players can also use them to wank if they're loose enough, which has a chance of leaving the object inside the player.