Release 6 Version 3.2 Changelist

There's probably lots of bugs as I haven't had a chance to properly test everything I did. I need to go to sleep now and I'll try and do a hotfix in the morning. But I wanted to get this out as I've done loads today and it's going to need a lot of testing!

  • Cheerleader outfit now allows you to use the "beg for mercy" command.
  • Gender can be chosen at the start of the game again.
  • Uncursed panties no longer act as if they were cursed, increasing hip size.
  • Orifice and soreness code rewritten
    • Gape used to mainly occur when something initially entered an orifice.
    • No items / NPCs except sex toys had a girth variable.
    • Now all things that go inside you, traps, monsters, etc. have a size number.
    • Chance of avoiding soreness increasing each turn of sex / prolonged insertion is affected by:
      • current orifice openness vs girth of insertion.
      • (if it's a monster) was the player submitting?
      • (if it's an intelligent monster) did the player successfully beg for mercy?
    • If the roll succeeds massively then soreness can go up twice.
    • Gape has a chance of increasing if the size of the insertion is larger or the same size as the current gape.
  • Gladiator no longer applies nipple piercings once taking you to max size. Instead, she'll try to apply them if you fight her again when she is friendly and lose. If you already have nipple piercings, she'll make you instantly faint as usual.
  • Sex and semen addiction can never be lower than 50% of the other one, to stop weird cases where you are obsessed with cocks but hate semen.
  • I actually put delayed humiliation on now, so you shouldn't have sentences interrupted for humiliation flavour.
  • MG text:
    • Royal guard has lots of varied lines for the time he's having sex with you.
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