Release 7 Version 2.4

Hi gang,

As usual you can find the changelist below. But before we get onto that I want to explain a change Patreon has started to roll out, which may affect current and past pledgers. Patreon has finally implemented a "charge upon pledge" system, where the first pledge is collected as soon as you sign up, rather than on the 1st of the next month. This system will now prevent "pledge and ditchers", who pledge an amount, download the content, and then immeditaley cancel their pledge, or simply use fake credit card details.

It may come as no surprise to you that over the past year and a bit, I've had a metric fuckton of people who did this - it's very clear to me when this happens because I get emails whenever someone pledges or edits a pledge. So when they're 5 minutes apart with a name like "Anony Moos" it's not difficult to guess why. Until now I've had very little power to deal with this, but now I can, and so I am. Essentially, what I'm doing is something I have said in the past that I would likely do from time to time anyway - which is to issue a new unlock file. As of right now, I'm only going to issue a new debug unlock file - i.e. the one you get for being a $20 patron.

And I'm being even kinder than that - You have not lost access to any features that you could already access. Those with the old debug unlock file but without the new file will only be unable to access the newest stuff, i.e. the new alpha stuff added in this version, and versions into the future. You can still enable debug mode and use the old commands, and access epilogues that were written before today. To access the newest stuff, you need to still be a patron. I hope that makes sense! In this way there's actually a continued reward for continuing to support the development of the game. Extra information on what happens if you edit an existing pledge to a different level with this new system can be found here.

Anyway, here are the MEGA mirror links: Drawn Version & Porn Version

And here's the changelist:

  • Danaume Character Window
    • Some varied facial expressions, some layers of semen for the face, but only on makeup layer 0 so far.
    • Stat wheels within the character window give the same information as the status bar and "examine self" output but in a more visual format.
  • Danaume made a map tile for the hotel boss room.
  • New female name option - Braedynne
  • Titfucks revamp.
    • Titfucks are now available without learning a skill to any player with D cup or larger breasts.
    • They still only happen when the player suggests it, via the "present" verb.
    • Titfucks now happen over several rounds, but flavour is extremely barebones right now.
    • Titfucks cause humiliation every round, with or without the player submitting. Submitting still causes higher humiliation, but makes the activity take less time.
    • Breasts gain sensitivity each time an NPC climaxes inside them, which makes you gain arousal from giving titfucks and then eventually able to orgasm just from breast sex.
  • As long as you have 1 or more existing tattoos, some tattoos can appear onto you from certain events, e.g. the "spank me" tattoo can appear on your ass when you are hit by a paddle trap in the dungeon, but only if you don't already have an ass tattoo.
    • Certain tattoos can only appear from this 'spontaneous' method, including:
      • A "no regrets" tattoo that can appear from presenting vagina when the player has low to medium humiliation and sex addiction, which reduces bimbo by 1.
      • A "just the tip" ass tattoo which can appear from presenting asshole when the player has low humiliation, and which negates the humilition gain from presenting asshole.
      • An "angel" tattoo which can appear from placing yourself on the altar, and which reduces bimbo by 2.
      • A "demon girl" tattoo which can appear from raping the same wench 3 times, which reduces sex addiction by 2.
    • There are also some tattoos that appear in this method with no effect beyond being humiliating, including:
      • A "worthless cunt" tattoo that appears upon becoming broken from excessive humiliation.
      • A "bed wetter" tattoo that appears upon involuntary urination whilst resting on furniture.
      • A "bred by a bull" tattoo that appears after vaginal sex with a minotaur.
  • New tattoos:
    • There's a new "true love" chest tattoo which is inspired by any clothing which takes up the chest slot but leaves nipples exposed. It increases breast sensitivity.
    • A "bat" chest tattoo that can only be inspired by the bat corset and can't be selected at random. Increases strength, dexterity and intelligence by 1 each.
    • A "let it die" crotch tattoo that is inspired by any standard monster drop, and gives +1 strength but every time the player should get the option to fuck a defeated opponent, there's a 50% chance of the player not getting the choice at all.
    • A "daddy's little girl" crotch tattoo that is inspired by diaper related clothing, and makes the player feel uncomfortable wearing any other types of underwear.
  • There are also now tattoos that don't take up a tattoo slot, in the same way that others do, and can't ever be selected randomly. So far we have:
    • A "virgin void" tattoo that can only be obtained by females that aren't virgins, from any item associated with motherhood or virginity, or any crotch slot item of clothing that leaves the vagina uncovered. It increases vaginal sensitivity by 1.
    • A "cum dumpster" tattoo that can appear from any semen soaked clothing, that prevents the player from throwing up semen when deepthroating, just like the wench's skill, but also increases bimbo by 1.
    • A "pussy deluxe" crotch tattoo that can be inspired (for females only) by jewellery, which guarantees that hotel patrons will give you an extra jewellery as payment.
  • The skill the gladiator teaches you now removes the damage reduction that slap attacks have from large breasts.
  • Living sex doll revamp.
    • At stage 5 of 8 of transformation, the player's orifices form one-way valves, and the player can no longer expel semen from their belly.
    • The player no longer risks popping from latex damage, but merely from overfilling.
    • "Unlocked" several more monsters to 'use' the sex doll player.
    • Experimental - the player still feels sex and still gains arousal, just not soreness.
  • Mechanic's collar changes:
    • The steel collar can now share a neck slot with a valuable necklace (but not with other collars / items of clothing).
    • The steel collar, instead of preventing the player from speaking, prevents the decay of arousal (except from orgasm).
    • The mechanic will remove the collar when getting close to defeat.
  • Players who are "grossed out" by urine are limited to 6 dexterity instead of 4.
  • The player can now urinate when they are a male with no penis.
  • The player can now wet themselves whilst having sex.
  • MG has turned some recipes into slightly cryptic poems.
  • Further improvements to the butt slut family of effects has been made. NPCs should now priotise the magically affected orifice but not refuse to have sex with the player if the orifice is unavailable to them.
    • The player's title will now reflect which effect they have, if any. "butt slut" for butt slut, "craving cunt" for vaginal slut, and "orally fixated" for blowjob slut.
  • You can now type 'skills' to get a list of what skills you've learned.
  • You can now wear exclusive crotch covering overdresses over diapers, but it makes the overdress more humiliating.
  • The witch now wants a recipe found in the Hotel library instead of an egg to get rid of the sex doll curse.
  • The player's "real" breast size is now impacted by the silicone implants of their virtual self.
  • Removed the "Quick Load" feature which wasn't working for who the fuck knows what reason.
  • Fixed a bug where the witch would not help the player with the sex doll curse after the first time.
  • Fixed a bug where headgear wasn't changing hair colour as often as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrestler would still drag you to the matron rather than the dominatrix.
  • Fixed a bug where onesies would spawn diapers even when they shouldn't be able to.
  • Fixed a bug where the player's automatic search of a container could trigger them to automatically opening it, resulting in some unexpected behaviour.
  • Fixed a bug where urination only cared about the first layer of clothing it hit, and all others above that were ignored as if they didn't exist.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would refuse to wear unzipped clothing that would be appropriate if zipped up.
  • Fixed a bug where the player's status was going directly from "fine" to "very tired".
  • Fixed a bug where only females could trigger the shameful orgasm camera photos.
  • Fixed a bug where the wench's deepthroat skill didn't actually prevent gagging as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where a semen addicted player would refuse to drink semen from a drinking vessel.
  • Fixed a bug where the lipstick heels lied about their kicking strength when the player had a make-up level of 1.
  • Fixed a bug where a player who was the latex sex doll could not lose their virginity.
  • MG Fixed a bug where zippable clothing would sometimes count as ripped instead of unzipped.

$5+ Patron Only Stuff

  • You can now get the game to recognise a donators file at any time by typing 'update donators file'. So if you have a saved game that you started before pledging, you can unlock those features into that existing playthrough.

$20+ Patron Only Stuff

  • Phaos has started making a succubus class, but it is incomplete at the moment. Anyway, you can trigger it by losing to the demoness when you are the priestess or have chosen to care about your (female) virginity. The second stage towards the class requires you to then lose to either the gladiator or the mechanic (or Xavier). To remove the class you have to defeat the demoness.
  • There's a new starting option in the benefits menu that allows the tattoos that can automatically spawn to do so from the start of the game, rather than only after you get your first tattoo from the inspiration room.
  • Some new debug commands for you to play around with:
    • "hyper weapon" - increases penis size
    • "superhero" - turns the player into a busty superheroine
    • "exhibitionist" - gives the player the "no panties" and "super short skirts" fetish and resets humiliation to 0
    • "fetish model" - turns the player into a latex fetish model
    • "blow me up" - initiate or progress sex doll transformation
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