Progress Update and TQ News

Hi all. Currently I'm working hard on a big usability update. It adds two-character shortcuts for nearly all verbs and nouns to significantly reduce the number of keys you have to press. Several common verbs like take, wear and drink will try to automatically select a noun when used on their own. I also plan to improve the menu screens a bit by breaking the large ones up into submenus.

There are a few other small bits of news. Firstly, a fan has created an AutoHotkey GUI for the game; I haven't tried it myself but it sounds interesting. There's a discussion about it in the comments of the previous blog post.

Secondly, people have got TQ working on Android via an android emulator app. It's a bit complicated to set up but go and have a look on the TQ subreddit if you're interested. But FYI it's slow, and you have to disable images and so that means no map. Here's a screenshot to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Finally for now, I'm afraid there's bad news from Danaume: she has developed a serious wrist and hand injury which seems to be the result of excessive use over the years (insert lewd joke here) . All the signs point to it being permanent. She has been forced to reduce the amount she draws (and writes with a pen, and games, and jills herself with her main hand) to near zero. So whilst she is still slowly doing a few bits and pieces, the development of her character window has for all intents and purposes stopped. So, I am looking for someone or some people to continue to develop it further, most notably the face for now, which needs all 3 levels of make up done for each facial expression and make sure that cum levels look right for each different possible face. If anyone wants to try their hand, please email me at [email protected]

In non-TrapQuest related news, I just made a new subreddit for Globalised Fetishes - a concept and name that I believe originated on /d/ a long long time ago where you describe how you wish to change the rules of the universe to satisfy your fantasies. If you have an idea for a rule change that would push your buttons, go ahead and submit it!

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