Trap Quest Release 8 Version 2.0

Hi all,

This doesn't have everything I wanted to get in it because there's more art from the artists ready to be included, but I haven't gotten around to actually adding them to the game yet as this tends to take ages.

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Known Bugs:

  • Some people are experiencing hyperlinks going wrong after saving and restoring. I have been unable to replicate this so far.


  • New mechanic - appearance.
    • In the status bar, "Dignity" has been renamed appearance and now reflects your humiliation level with 1 word followed by another word which reflects how you look to others. For example "Uncomfortable Nudist" means you have high dignity, and are wearing no clothing. "Shameless Whore" means you look completely outrageous, for example covered in semen with giant fake tits, and you love it. "Bored Cutie" would represent that you're wearing a flirty but not completely horrendous outfit, but your dignity is low and you wish you were wearing something sexier.
    • NB only the framework for this has been implemented so far. It's not yet balanced.
  • New mechanic - skirt and trouser displacing.
    • The displace verb now supports skirts and trousers. Pull down your trousers and pull up skirts to expose your naughty bits.
    • Displaced trousers prevent kneeing or kicking, so try not to do this in combat.
    • Displaced hobble skirts allow the player to use their knees in combat, but if you aren't careful your knee could still get caught and send you flying
    • Knee length skirts now prevent the player from kicking unless first displaced.
    • Just like hobble skirts, you have a chance to catch your knee in the skirt when you use your legs for attacking.
  • New mechanic - transformation.
    • Some traps, NPCs and other things can attempt make your clothing transform. This will almost invariably make them sluttier if successful.
      • As of right now, the new laser trap and the magic dust trap can transform anything, and the fairy can transform undies.
    • Some clothing always transforms immediately, others require several attempts before they successfully transform, others have specific requirements (e.g. free arm slots), and many never transform at all. Relatively unique items, most class items and super slutty items in general will never transform.
    • The "unlucky" option is now called "fashion victim" and causes more transformation traps to appear in addition to its other effects (more cursed clothing).
    • NB many transformation effects will only go over uncovered clothing. So you can protect underwear from transformation to some extent by wearing more layers.
    • Some of the super slutty items you used to find in containers no longer spawn from them - they are obtained through transformation of less slutty clothing.
  • Transformation will hopfully be extra fun thanks to the introduction of loads more clothing, notably (but not limited to):
    • Vests, T-shirts and shirts
    • Clubbing Dresses
    • Lots of Swimwear
    • Cheerleader outfits
    • Priestess outfits
    • Schoolgirl outfits
    • Virgin warrior outfits
    • Tube tops
  • There will be a few kinder/modest items that you'll be almost guaranteed to find early on in the game, including a T-shirt that just says "5318008" on it and an office skirt. These are very vulnerable to transformations.
  • Reworked trap spawning. The number of each type of trap you'll encounter in each reion is now more consistent. I also took this opportunity to spread the traps about between regions a bit; for example you can now encounter sprinkler traps in the hotel and magic dust traps in the dungeon.
  • There's a portal you can discover in the Hotel region that takes you back to the Dungeon region. Once used, it creates a permanent two way link between the Dungeon and Hotel so you don't have to travel through the woods every time.
  • Drinking whilst overly full gives a reduced chance of a positive effect of a drink happening successfully. So there's a bit more of a reason not to just chug the entirety of that tank of strength you find in the starting room.
  • You no longer have to remove heels to remove trousers.
  • Cheerleaders are now slightly less likely to get pregnant.
  • The royal guard will now gag cheerleaders who won't shut up.
  • The princess will find it hard to kneel in front of aggressive npc's unless she's already desperate for sex.
  • Princesses will be humiliated if they are seen on their knees.
  • The minotaur, if aggravated while in his cage, will sometimes calm himself down by giving the room a new coat of paint.
  • Cowgirl headgear will sometimes materialize after being creampied by the minotaur.
  • Once a level has been fully explored, any monsters that spawn there afterward will have a small boost in difficulty.
  • Many many more fixes and improvements to hyperlinks, including removing several more instances of potential disambiguation.
  • Fixed a small bug where the mechanic would manhandle you to get his penis in your mouth after you put it there yourself.
  • Fixed a bug where arm covering clothing could not be worn whilst bracelets and rings were worn (this was supposed to be limited to finger covering clothing)
  • Fixed a bug where it was still possible in certain situations to end up with one pink and one blue scrunchie.
  • Several other bugs from the bug tracker were fixed
  • Fixed several typos

$5 donators

  • Cheerleaders now gain extra favour from friendly sex
    • At a high enough bimbo level, monsters are normally aggressive no matter what, but being popular has its perks.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would sometimes refuse offers for friendly sex if you were wearing a salve of concealment

$20 pledgers (with the new September unlock file only)

  • When in debug mode, the status bar at the top gives you actual numbers rather than the vague phrases.
  • The command polymorph [worn clothing] triggers a transformation attempt, just like if it had been hit with a laser ray. Remember some items can take up to 5 transform attempts before they transform (so you should try more than once), but also many will never transform.
  • More to come soon thanks to the recent Patreon poll.
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