We do not forgive, we do not forget. We are the royal guards. Expect us.

Does the above sound familiar? You made one tiny mistake - you slept in his bed, or you looked a little too slutty that one time, and boom, the only thing that valiant knight ever wants to do with you again is bang. Regardless of whether the feeling is mutual. Well, all that is about to change. As previously discussed, we are going to be adding some actual proper tracking of NPC's feelings towards the player, which can go up and down with time, which causes them to behave differently.

The royal guard is a good example to talk about. In particular, what pisses him off is loose women. Beforehand, the royal guard made an immediate decision on how to act towards you depending on on your current attire. With the changed system, if he seems someone looking particularly slutty, his attitude towards them will slightly worsen. He'll eventually go from someone who was happy to help, to someone who wants to be left alone, to someone who decides to comply with what your clothes are clearly begging for him to do to you. He still has his limits though. There are still certain states you can be in where he'll refuse to talk to you, even when you're a close friend - as your close friend might decide to leave you alone if they bumped into you and you were covered from head to toe in cum. There's also still an appearance limit at which he'll disregard all prior feelings towards you and let his boner do the talking. This is quite a high limit though. For other NPCs, like the aeromancer, this might be lower.

What's important to understand about the new system though is that even if right now the royal guard is chasing your sweet ass down like the holy grail is hidden up your poop chute, once you clean up (or stop stealing things from the shopkeeper) he'll go back to close to whatever level of friendship you had beforehand.

Anyway, how do you make NPCs like you more? Well, there are two main ways - friendly sex, soon to be coming out of beta, and item trading. All NPCs like shiny jewellery, and also each NPC accepts a few other items that kind of make sense for them to kind of want. Each NPC values each item differently, for example a mechanic thinks a metal disc is worth 3 thumbs up, a royal guard thinks it's worth 2 thumbs up, a shopkeeper thinks it's worth 1 thumbs up, and nobody else wants it. At some point I imagine there will be a wiki list of what items are valued by what NPCs to what extent, but today is not that day.

To copy and paste from my original blog post on this, there are many levels of friendship, from guardian (fights with you always) to ally (fights with you usually) to friend (answers questions, shares drinks) to acquaintance (answers fewer questions, may not share drink) to annoyed (won't answer questions or share drinks) to enemy / fucktoy (attacks on sight).

My plans for this include making a friendly side to the aeromancer and an unfriendly side to the shopkeeper, even if you haven't stolen anything. There may even be a friendly(ish) side to the dominatrix one day.

So, how far have I gotten with this? Well the framework is now in place, but that was actually the easy part. Now I need to go through the perception functions for each NPC and adjust them to the new rules. What makes them like you less? What makes them like you more? What things make them temporarily unfriendly, and for how long? Are there any special rules that make them more friendly than usual (e.g. the royal guard and the princess)?

So far I've done this for the royal guard and it took a while. But also he's probably the most complicated. But the short version is, we're looking at several days of work, so there likely won't be a new version this weekend, but instead some time next week. But when it arrives, it should be pretty cool!

P.S. Sorry that the office skirt is so buggy, and that tile missing is in the woods, but I didn't deem these things desperately needing of a hotfix.

P.P.S. I finally got round to updating the wiki with the most recent epilogues and their variations

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