Trap Quest Release 11 Version 5.0

This post's banner image comes from the new look for the Gladiator, which Icarus is slowly working on when he's in the mood :D

Apologies, another version that's a bit light on shiny new stuff because I went down a rabbit hole of reworking NPC damage which was impossible to come out of without completing it first.

How to Download:

Go download the hotfix from here instead:


  • 2nd April EDIT: Aika: April Fools Content (including pointing you to where you can turn it off) is (and was) viewable by clicking on the "Changelist" heading above.
  • Aika: Did a huge overhaul of the code framework for NPCs taking damage. This took forever to go though every single NPC in the game...
    • A more clear cut framework should hopefully mean less inconsistencies and bugs with regards to a few unique items.
    • Live NPCs aren't described as 'dying' any more. Instead when defeated, some NPCs will automatically flee (usually dropping a jewel or other item) but most will wait to see what you do to them. Your options will be one or more of the following...
      • Banish the NPC. Acts the same as death did before (they're gone), except without you being almost guaranteed to get a jewellery item. Some NPCs will drop a unique item on their way out, for example (non-horny) wenches still drop the blouse.
      • Demand an item from the NPC. This gets you an item (often jewellery if I haven't coded anything special), increases their difficulty level by 1, further angers them and then allows them to wander off to heal. So, doing this too much will let the NPC become too strong for you to handle.
      • Show mercy. This attempts to turn them into a friendly NPC, but it'll only work if your appearance rating isn't beyond their tolerance levels and if they have no other pressing reason to be angry with you right now (e.g. the shopkeeper still wants his stolen goods back). Either way, they wander off to heal.
      • Dominate them with your [body part]. This works the same as before except for instead of their resistance being based on their remaining HP, it's just based on their difficulty level. We're going to do more work to this section over time.
    • You only get this choice if you're not still in combat! If you're still in combat and the NPC isn't the type to automatically flee the region, they'll just get to slink off and try to fight you again soon.
  • Aika: NPCs now have their difficulty level appear next to their printed name. I'll probably add an option to turn this off at some point.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug with the tutorial if the player tried to use the safe word.
  • MG: Added a pair of crystal monitors to the Woods and the Dungeon. Crystal monitors work just like the PC monitor in the hotel, but they can only trap you in a video call if there's strong magic around (like an active summoning circle).
  • MG: If you are on the run from the law, but the shopkeeper isn't around, Guard will drag you to the prison cell and lock you in there with them.
    • The prison guard will sometimes drag you to the prison cell even if you aren't a criminal.
  • MG: Aeromancers that have had their wand stolen previously, and aeromancers that have completed a lot of experiments can now summon a barrier to trap you.
  • MG: Demonesses who have properly consumed a soul, or the Abyssal demoness in the Mansion can now summon a wall of flames to trap you.
  • Aika: Fixed several bugs with the tentacle monster in the school dungeon where it could be friendly, attacked and more, all of which were unintended.
  • MG: Fixed a run-time error that would occasionally happen after 69'ing with the wrestler
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the stone cell was the wrong shape
  • MG: Fixed an issue where male players would get duplicate text when putting on underwear
  • MG: Fixed an issue where the unicorn could ONLY creampie the player if they were struggling

Beta Testers:

  • MG: There's some new options in the custom flavour settings that allow you to customise the new NPCs from your 'real life'.
    • As a reminder, to access this option menu, start a game then go back into the settings.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where only alpha testers could complete the domination quest. Oops.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the rugged headband didn't prevent its class items from being removed.

Alpha Testers:

  • Aika: Since now the Extra Credit Zone punishes you for removing cursed clothing by accessing it, I've added an interesting incentive to explore the region each time you enter it. One of each type of token (defiance, sanity, fabric, magic) will be spawned somewhere in the region. It's up to you how long you stick around to try and find as many as possible.
  • MG: The Djinn can now be targeted for dominant sex! However, he's certain to use his magic to cheat.
    • If you try to use your dick on him, he'll steal it from you and try to fuck you with it instead.
    • If you're dominant enough, he'll mess up and you'll have the chance to let him go or have him give you a blowjob.
    • If you try to ride him, you could be reduced to a member of his harem (and have no choice but to respond to his whims)
    • If you're dominant enough, he'll try to turn you into his slave directly. You might be able to turn the tables on him if you hold out long enough.
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